The Best Novels Set in Every State: Part 5, South Dakota to Wyoming


These are my alternatives to the list created by Melia Robinson and Melissa Stanger for Business Insider. I am excluding works of nonfiction and listing my top three choices for each state. Titles included in the list compiled by Robinson and Stanger are indicated in boldface.

South Dakota The Golden Bowl Frederick Manfred
Skins Adrian C. Louis
The Work of Wolves Kent Meyers
Tennessee A Death in the Family James Agee
A Summons to Memphis Peter Taylor
Child of God Cormac McCarthy
Texas No Country for Old Men Cormac McCarthy
The Last Picture Show Larry McMurtry
The Ordways William Humphrey
Utah The Executioner’s Song Norman Mailer
Recapitulation Wallace Stegner
The Giant Joshua Maurine Whipple
Vermont The Confessions of Nat Turner William Styron
Barren Ground Elen Glasgow
The Known World Edward P. Jones
Virginia The Confessions of Nat Turner William Styron
Barren Ground Ellen Glasgow
The Known World Edward P. Jones
Washington Reservation Blues Sherman Alexie
Snow Falling on Cedars David Guterson
Another Roadside Attraction Tom Robbins
West Virginia The Night of the Hunter Davis Grubb
Machine Dreams Jayne Anne Phillips
The Unquiet Earth Denise Giardina
Wisconsin A Map of the World Jane Hamilton
The Story of Edgar Sawtelle Mark Wroblewski
Off Keck Road Mona Simpson
Wyoming Shane Jack Schaefer
Yonnondio Tillie Olsen
Riders of Judgment Frederick Manfred


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