Academic Ethics — Inaugural Post

Just what is the right thing to do, the right thing to do morally?  That is not always so easy a question to answer, maybe hardly ever is it such an easy question.  In higher education there are many situations that pose just that sort of question.  Moral issues, questions and dilemmas have existed and new ones continue to arise in higher education as they do in the very profession of education. Members of board of trustees and administrators, faculty and students all face situations with a moral dimension, or two, involved where decisions need to be made.  This is the first of a continuing series of posts on such matters that in one way or another involve academic ethics.  These posts will give consideration to and invite discussion of the moral dimension of quandaries and ordinary challenges and will make perspicuous the interplay and conflict of social and institutional values, academic values, professional values and both moral values and ethical principles in attempts to achieve elucidations and, perhaps, possible resolutions.

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