Collegiality Again at the Fore

An AAUP report this month on the case of John Boyle (see more about it in the post by Peter Kirstein earlier today), an assistant professor of linguistics at Northeastern Illinois University, raises once more the problem of using the vague term “collegiality” in questions of the granting of tenure. The NEIU president, an AAUP posting on the case says,  “cited only two reasons for denying tenure: the candidate’s failure to meet her deadline for filing a plan regarding student advising and the inadequacy of his ‘cooperation with colleagues and students.’” According to the report, the deadline wasn’t missed: The plan was simply and inadvertently misdirected, hardly a reason for denying tenure. This certainly should not be a cause for termination, but it is the other reason that is most troubling.

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The AAUP and the NEIU Case

Today, the AAUP released its report on Northeastern Illinois University dealing with the tenure case of John Boyle. Peter N. Kirstein of the Illinois AAUP comments on the process in this case. 

By Peter N. Kirstein, St. Xavier University

One of the unresolved structural problems within the AAUP is the relationship between State Conferences’ Committee A on Academic Freedom and Tenure and the national academic freedom office.

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The Civility and Decorum Police at NEIU, and the Continuing Shutdown of WZRD

More than four months after Northeastern Illinois University shut down the student-run radio station WZRD and banned the students from broadcasting, the lockout continues. On November 6, acting director of Student Leadership Development Veronica Rodriguez wrote a memo announcing her decision about the fate of WZRD. Rodriguez declared that WZRD could be restored to an active club on December 1, but only if the organization accepted a long last of mandatory changes approved by the administration, changes that the WZRD students indicate they will not accept.

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