5 thoughts on “Milestones for the Academe Blog!

  1. Our first post, by then-Academe editor Cat Warren, came on September 20, 2011, and was viewed 28 times that month. For all of 2011, AcademeBlog had 11,072 views, a number we exceeded yesterday by itself. But I’m still not satisfied with (Dr. Evil voice) one million views, and we welcome the suggestions of our readers to increase our reach. I have a few ideas for posts that might increase our traffic:

    10 Reasons Why Donald Trump Hates Academic Freedom

    Does Miley Cyrus Support Taking a Wrecking Ball to Corporatization on Campus?

    These Cute Cats Are Defending Academic Freedom—and You Won’t Believe How They’re Doing It!

    • John, since there has been a viral contest to put brushed cat hair on the heads of cats to make them resemble Donald Trump, I am thinking that we might be able to get interviews with some of the most disaffected of those cats to see what they really think about Donald Trump, including his views on academic freedom. In effect, we will be following the Trump model in transforming already popular figures into our new spokespersons in support of academic freedom. The only real downside is that until Google comes up with an inter-species language translator, we will have to paraphrase, rather than quote, the cats’ opinions, and we all know all too well how certain that is to generate controversy. Nonetheless, just as certainly, as soon as Trump gets wind of the cats’ betrayal, he will insult our new feline spokespersons from the campaign podium, and the attention to the insults will inevitably drive still more traffic to the blog. So, especially if we are willing to discount the stress that all of this will impose on the cats, it seems a can’t-lose proposition.

  2. Here are the annual numbers of views:

    2011 – 11,072
    2012 – 56,247
    2013 – 177,436
    2014 – 375,489
    2015 – 380,741 (Jan. 1 through Aug. 29)

    The current month of August 2015 has set a record for most views in a month at 111,943 and counting. The most traffic in a single day came on August 26 of this month at 14,109 views.

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