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Exploiting Intellectual Capital

Here’s an actual job posting at the University of Chicago,

Executive Director, Intellectual Capital: Chicago Booth seeks to better exploit the wealth of intellectual capital created by its faculty. The Executive Director, Intellectual Capital serves as the Chief Knowledge Officer, and is charged with creating a vision for sharing and disseminating that intellectual capital and overseeing the implementation of that vision.

Chief Knowledge Officer? Exploit the wealth of faculty intellectual capital? Reading more of the job description doesn’t make it any more comprehensible: “Build and lead an effective team of a few domain specialists that helps accomplish responsibilities.”

Obviously, I’m not qualified for this job because I can’t begin to fathom what the hell this person is supposed to be doing, beyond creating more excellent and meaningless business school catchphrases.

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Author of "Patriotic Correctness: Academic Freedom and Its Enemies."

2 comments on “Exploiting Intellectual Capital

  1. Joerg Tiede
    March 4, 2012

    “Build and lead an effective team of a few domain specialists that helps accomplish responsibilities.”

    The best thing here is that it’s part of the responsibility to hire people to accomplish responsibilities. It’s like an Escher painting.

  2. Vanessa Emma Goldman
    June 14, 2012

    Yes indeed, this is High Dadaist, Late Capitalist Bullshit Gibberish at its worst.
    and, i am sure they are going to pay this person a ton of money to essentially be a Bullshit Artist, while people who are actually DOING USEFUL WORK get paid much less.

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