Faculty Strike at Cincinnati State

The AAUP has a statement on the strike at Cincinnati State. Here’s some of the media coverage from the AAUP website:

“The administration’s original proposal included a workload increase that is more than 20 percent higher than the standard workload at comparable institutions. This would dramatically reduce the ability of faculty members to maintain the quality career and transfer education that Cincinnati State students have come to expect.” Cincinnati State Technical and Community College AAUP chapter in WCPO 9.  Also, watch a video. (9/23)

“It’s very difficult,” Mike DeVore tells the Cincinnati Enquirer, “I’ve been here 21 years and I can’t believe we’ve been forced into this.”  (9/23)

“It’s frustrating — it’s apprehensive. You don’t ever want do this,” Cincinnati AAUP chapter president Paul Davis tells MSNBC. (9/23)

Read stories about the strike in News 5, Pulse-Journal, WCPODayton Daily News, and in the Middletown Journal. (9/24)

Watch video coverage about the strike on  WKRC 12  and News 5. In addition,see pictures on Fox News 19 and on the AAUP’s Facebook page. (9/23)

“It appears that the BGSU administration, scorned by the faculty’s success in forming a union, decided that it would get rid of its ‘problem’ by eliminating collective bargaining rights for all professors across the state of Ohio,” Sara Kilpatrick, executive director of the AAUP of Ohio, said. Toledo Blade. Also, see the story, “Back-Door Maneuver” in Inside Higher Ed. (9/23)

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