Higher Education Round-Up

On my College Freedom blog is my essay responding to an earlier article by Peter Wood and Ashley Thorne of the NAS regarding Erskine College firing Bill Crenshaw. I also did a short interview with Bill Crenshaw.

Joe Berry also has more COCAL Updates:
1. Santa Fe CC (NM) colleagues at Occupy demonstration [some great signs]

2. U of Utah fires at-will.

3. U of CA lecturers union seeks to stop conversion of classes to online.

4. CUNY adjuncts with PSC demonstrate to protect their health insurance.

5. Proposal to expand Occupy Wall Street to Occupy Academia (from a historian, of course).

6. Workplace: A journal of academic labor has a new issue out. Including articles from CSU Northridge (CA) about proletarianization of academic labor and another on part-time workers’ exploitation in higher eduction.

7. Student banned from Catawba Valley CC (NC) after protesting universities credit card deal [the link between our lack of academic freedom and that of our students could not be clearer]. Charges have now been dropped.

8. Many Occupy Colleges actions.

One thought on “Higher Education Round-Up

  1. As a retiree from a successful career in the applied sciences, a recent headline on page one of the Myrtle Beach Sun News touted “Presbyterians pass new Adam and Eve resolution.” The article by Carolyn Click,caught my interest since I see myself as a “Truth in Science Monitor” and have been researching the subject of Darwinism’s inorganic (lifeless) chemicals to bacteria to fish…to man evolution. Ms.Click writes that the passage of of a resolution by ARP Church that affirms “special creaton” of Adam andEve appears to challenge the theory of scientific evolution. If biology professors. like the one who was fired, would stop reading the fraud-filled biology textbooks and start reading the science journals and the NAS’ 1998 Guidebook for science teachers, Chapter 3 they would realize that Darwin’s goo-to-you thaory is not, and never can be, part of science. If you still doubt me after reading the definition by the National Academy of Sciences plese read Darwin’s influence on Modern Thought, Scientific America, July 2000, p.80 by evolutionary biologist Professor Ernst Mayr of Harvad. Mayr says, in effect,,since observations and experiments cannot apply to unique events and goo to you, the evollutionist can only construct a historical narrative to try to explain his/her findings. Bottom line, the world renound evolutionist Erns Mayr essentially told the Royal Swedish Academy of Science (1999) that biological evolution must rest on Faith In a Story.(my emphasis) The references quote are avaialable at the NAS and SciAm’s web sites.

    Wonder why The National Academy of Science supports: the fossil record supports stasis, not Darwin’s gradual evolution, haeckel embryonic drawings (Science Sept.5, 1997) the peppered moth stories, archaeopteryx, and other frauds are found virtually every collegebiology textbooks.
    That is why gret techers like Mr.Crenshaw thought he was teaching real science and, as mentione above, world famous evolutionary biologis Ernst Mayr of Harvard says, it must rest on a story.
    So, get informed and spread the truth, include the references but above all, Do Not Challenge the Authorities.
    God is on His Throne

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