For-Profits on Stage

The debate over for-profit colleges could be coming to a theater near you.

Aaron Calafato, an actor who also spent time working for a for-profit college in Ohio, wrote and stars in a new one-man play, For-Profit, about the industry. The play takes a harsh look at the industry, from the perspective of a recruiter talking to prospective students on the phone. Calafato started work on the play when he himself worked as an “admissions officer” at a for-profit in Cleveland, taking notes on his experience and writing them into the show.

The play tackles issues like student loans, massive debt, and quality of education, and Calafato says he hopes his play will be part of a broader debate on these issues. In fact, after some performances, he arranged for higher ed professional to discuss the issues the play raises with audience members.

For-Profit premiered on March 2 in Cleveland, then moved to New York City for six shows. Calafato is planning a nationwide tour, including stops later this year in Detroit, Chicago, and Washington, DC. You can watch a short video about the project here, and you can follow the play’s schedule and other news on its Facebook page.

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