Now Online: Journal of Academic Freedom Volume 4

In 2010, the AAUP began publication of the Journal of Academic Freedom, an annual, online-only publication. Each year, we’ve published articles on current issues in academic freedom, and this year we are proud to announce that the fourth volume is now available on our website.

Volume 4 of JAF focuses on issues of academic freedom in a global context. Many of the articles focus on the proposed boycott of Israeli institutions: would a boycott violate the academic freedom of Israeli faculty? Would it violate the academic freedom of American faculty who would be discouraged from collaborating with their Israeli colleagues? What about the academic freedom of faculty at Palestinian institutions – would a boycott lead to greater academic freedom later on? These issues and more are discussed from different perspectives in the issue.

There are also two articles not on the topic of boycotts; one looks at how professors are slowly losing sovereignty in their own classrooms, and the other argues that our concepts of academic freedom need to be reoriented to reflect the rise in contingent faculty in recent years.

You can read the introduction to the issue here, and the list of articles with links to PDFs here. The Journal of Academic Freedom‘s articles are open to all readers; you do not need a subscription or membership to read them. We hope you enjoy this volume!

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