Big Data and Writing Studies

As writing in the twenty-first century increasingly takes place in digital spaces, where keystrokes are seamlessly translated into oceans of bytes, Writing Studies finds itself with a vast resource of data not previously imagined, explored, or applied: Big Data.

As an open and informal round-table style event founded in curiosity, we would like to invite you to come share, discuss, and ponder the promises, dangers, methods, and methodologies that Big Data and Learning Analytics hold for Writing Studies.

thumbnail[1]We welcome scholars from all corners of Writing Studies who are interested in the research or pedagogical possibilities and applications represented by Big Data and Learning Analytics.  Based on online reservations for this event (see Evenbrite), we’re looking forward to meeting colleagues who share our curiosity about the importance of big data to the development of reasoning, writing, and information literacy skills.  So far we have faculty visiting from throughout the United States as well as Kebbi State, Nigeria; Malmö University, Sweden; Cape Town, South Africa; and Tartu, Estonia.

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