Murals Being Destroyed at Central CT State University

On Wednesday, May 14, a student completing a project called me to report that murals were being systematically destroyed in Copernicus Hall at Central CT State University. CCSU is home to perhaps largest and finest collection of murals at any university in the world.

Murals Being Destroyed at Central CT State University


Previously, murals have occasionally been removed, but generally in consultation with the the art department. Richard Bachoo, director of operations, has now confirmed that eighteen murals (see attachments) were either destroyed, or are scheduled to be destroyed, by the administration.

There was no notification or justification to the artists, the faculty or department. Aside from the censorship of two controversial pieces, there seems to be no logic to the selection of these particular artworks for removal.

CCSU has a working-class student body. The murals are painted by students who work nights, weekends and holidays to create this unique gift to the campus and community.

While there have been infrequent controversies over particular works, most faculty and students are proud of our murals and find that they enrich our lives. President Jack Miller chose to wait until the school year ended in order to begin this shameful act.

It saddens me to report this misguided action – it is the largest deliberate destruction of public art in recent history.

Mike Alewitz
Associate Professor/ Mural Program
May 15, 2014

Images and description of murals being destroyed:

(Protest messages may be sent to President Jack Miller –, with copies to

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