"Welcome to Sweden": American and Swedish Bathos?

Welcome Sweden

In order for something to be funny–In Sweden or the United States–it must first be funny. The challenge with being funny is that being deliberately funny is not very funny.

No, I am not talking about the entire episode of the new NBC show Welcome to Sweden. I am referring to the opening scene in which a celebrity, played by Amy Poehler, cans her accountant, played by Greg Poehler (that’s Amy’s brother in real life, whatever that is).

While the accountant is trying to tell his celebrity client that he will have to drop her because he is moving to Sweden, we see Amy Poehler “act,” busy with the smartphone, texting away, so that, make no mistake about it, we can see that she is self-absorbed. This could be a funny moment, but these days we are so used to self-phone obsession (not a misprint), that the character better do something really funny or gross with the phone to gain our appreciation. Yes, Amy Poehler is phoning in her performance.

If you want more gross or attention-getting action that will evoke laughs, especially from an American, Puritanical audience, the sauna scene in which Poehler  [Please click link below to read entire review]


One thought on “"Welcome to Sweden": American and Swedish Bathos?

  1. This is the most unfunny and stupid shows on television. I tuned in due to the hilariously funny Amy Poehler connection and was not only disappointed but disgusted. Watching with my 14 year old daughter a fan of Amy’s as well we were early greeted by the female actress on her knees pulling down the males pants. yeah nice??!!
    I can’t believe this crap even survived the first episode. Black mark in my book on Amy and NBC

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