A Link to "The Trouble With Textbooks: A Great American Rip-Off"

The following is a link to an article I published about textbooks.  I resolve to do something concrete about this problem, and one part of the solution will be abandoning the practice of using textbooks for certain courses.  I hope others will follow and offer suggestions.  I hope others may already be teaching without “required” textbooks.

5 thoughts on “A Link to "The Trouble With Textbooks: A Great American Rip-Off"

    • I wanted to share the post with the AAUP Academe Community. Just as I would never post somewhere else on day one what I publish on this blog, I want to afford the courtesy to the other site to hold off with same-day double-posting.

  1. If the message in the column was immediate and timely, that makes sense. But in this case, it doesn’t seem to be. Perhaps waiting a day to post it here, rather than linking to the internet version of the Daily Caller, would be a better option…

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