The 2015 AAUP Redbook

The 2015 edition of the AAUP’s Policy Documents and Reports (widely known as the AAUP Redbook) is now available to be ordered. The Redbook presents in convenient format a wide range of AAUP policy statements.

The current edition, the eleventh, includes basic statements on academic freedom, tenure, and due process; academic governance; professional ethics; research and teaching; online and distance education; intellectual property; discrimination; collective bargaining; accreditation; and students’ rights and freedoms. The new edition has been thoroughly updated and reorganized thematically. Brief historical introductions have been added to each section, along with an introductory essay on incorporating AAUP principles into faculty handbooks. Among the eighteen new reports included in this edition are statements on academic freedom and outside speakers, campus sexual assault, the inclusion of faculty on contingent appointments in academic governance, and salary-setting practices that unfairly disadvantage women faculty. The table of contents of the new edition can be found on the AAUP website.

Hardcover and e-book versions of the Redbook can now be ordered through the John Hopkins University Press website. AAUP members are entitled to a 30% discount for purchases made directly through the Johns Hopkins University Press website. Just use the code HWUP at check-out to receive your discount.

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