An Open Letter to Those Who Still Stand With Walker

The following is a post I wrote back in July that still rings true regarding Governor Walker’s record in Wisconsin on education, job creation, and the importance of framing within political narratives.

One thought on “An Open Letter to Those Who Still Stand With Walker

  1. until academics and their supporter take action, the verbal persiflage will roll off the walker campaign like water off a duck’s back. that includes his entire platform not just what he has done in WI but is promoting as his presidential platform.

    are the old guard with tenure so close to retirement that they are hearing Seeger’s refrain “my get up and go has got up and went”? Are the young seeing the surplus of Ph.D’s ready to replace them if they should fall in the battle? Are the students so numb and focused on getting certified and that they too might fall and still be saddled with debt and no degree? BOO!!

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