Thank You Donald


It is a rare event when the often fractious, overly politically correct, and typically apathetic left is forced to get past their myopia and carefully constructed boundaries. It is therefore with deep thanks and gratitude in which I welcome the Donald Trump campaign. I mean think about it -when was the last time that a single candidate threatened women and blacks, immigrant and indigenous groups, Jews and Muslims, Catholics and Protestants, religious and irreligious? Damn, but only in America can Donald Trump whose moral fortitude, personal quirks, and political acumen backed with his own money ever hope to actually have a chance to become POTUS. Makes you proud, I tell ya.

As I sit back and think about this wonderful moment that we in America are experiencing, I am honored to be alive in such a time as this. As implied in the old Chinese saying “May you live in interesting times” what some look upon as a curse others see as a blessings. And these are absolutely interesting times! Electorally, we have not seen this level of activity in over 50 years. Folks, of all shapes, sizes, class, age cohorts, racial, sexual, religious, gender, ethnicity and personal persuasions are turning out in masses. More identity groups are represented in this election as actual candidates than any time in the history of elections in the United States. And strangely enough, the most diverse political campaigns are being waged not by the Democrats, but by the Republicans. Yes, only in America can a party that once stood for anti-slavery, anti-big business, and anti-government once again re-emerge to lead this great country into such a wide and far reaching set of deliberations. As my French friends would say..vive la difference -thank you Donald. Much love from the other side of the political spectrum.


*Note: Rodney D. Coates is a professor of Global and Intercultural studies and director of Black World Studies at Miami University. He is solely responsible for these views.

One thought on “Thank You Donald

  1. I used that ‘curse,’ “May you live in interesting times,” in my Law & Literature class yesterday. We were talking about race and the law: the Trump campaign is certainly making the class more lively, the students feeling more engaged.

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