CFA-CSU Fact-Finder Report to be Released on Monday

The following message was sent today by the California Faculty Association (CFA) to faculty in the California State University (CSU) system:

March 24, 2016
Dear Colleague,
The fact-finding report and recommendations regarding our bargaining with the CSU management will be made public on Monday, March 28.  On that day, we will share the contents of the report with you as well as hold a news conference at 9 am on the Sacramento State campus.
As you know, we are preparing to strike on all 23 CSU campuses on April 13-15 and 18-19 if no settlement is reached. For too long, we have sacrificed for the good of the CSU system. It’s time CSU management begin to restore faculty salaries and invest in us and our students.
If you have already committed to strike, thank you. If you still need to, please click here and pledge to honor the strike today.
In Solidarity,
The CFA Bargaining Team

Under California law, unionized public employees must complete a statutory process involving mediation and then fact-finding before they may engage in a job action.  The process involves an independent fact-finder, approved by both parties, who investigates and hears witnesses about the contract dispute and then issues a report that may recommend a resolution.  The parties then have ten days to either agree to the report’s recommendations or use its findings to craft a settlement, before the report is released to the public. 

The AAUP stands firmly behind our affiliate, the CFA, in its fight for a much-deserved and long-overdue salary increase for all 26,000 faculty members — full-time and part-time, tenured and contingent — in the CSU system. 

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