LIU Lockout is Over


The LIU lockout is ending at 11:59 pm tonight. The administration capitulated to the faculty’s request for a mediator to settle the contract. Faculty will be reimbursed for any health costs incurred during the lockout.

Dear LIUFF Colleagues,

We have won a victory. The administration will end their unprecedented lockout effective 11:59 p.m. Wednesday, September 14. We will be reunited with our students and can resume our professional lives. Our collective bargaining agreement is extended until May 31, 2017, and the administration agreed to our condition that we engage a professional mediator to facilitate a fair contract. This timeframe gives us the opportunity to negotiate in good faith while preserving LIU Brooklyn.

The LIU administration will make the faculty whole for health care costs incurred during the lockout period. The union’s unfair labor practice complaints relating to the lockout and our arbitration on pay parity remain active and will be vigorously pursued.

You should plan to meet with your classes starting tomorrow. There may be some remaining issues relating to classes that were cancelled or combined during the lockout; we expect them to be resolved by department chairs and deans and in accordance with the collective bargaining agreement. It is important that you alert your chair and the LIUFF to any such issues so that they can be resolved right away.

We are holding a general membership meeting tomorrow at noon; room is to be announced. The negotiating team will be joined by our counsel, Louie Nikolaidis, AFT counsel, Mark Richard, and our NYSUT representative, Kevin Pollitt to answer questions about implications of the lockout and next steps to continue our struggle. Please make every effort to attend.

In Solidarity,

Jessica Rosenberg, President
Mohammed Ghriga, Treasurer
Ed Keane, Executive Committee Member
Michael Pelias, Executive Committee Member
Melissa Antinori, Grievance Chair


3 thoughts on “LIU Lockout is Over

  1. congrats on an important victory against union-busting. i’m a 1968 alum,attended rallies the last 3 days including Wednesday, what a pleasant surprise to see this. also congrats to the students who walked out in support as well as in protest against their education being shortchanged by LIU hiring scabs.
    i remember well LIU as a hotbed of student activism when we shut down the school 3of the 4 years i was a student there.

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