Statement of Solidarity with Professor Dana Cloud


On January 31, the AAUP issued a statement on “Targeted Online Harassment of Faculty,” which decried how a growing number of faculty members nationwide “have been subject to threats of physical violence, including sexual assault, through hundreds of e-mails, calls, and social media postings” in response to viewpoints expressed on electronic media or even in the classroom.  “Such threatening messages,” the statement added, “are likely to stifle the free expression of the targeted faculty member; further, the publicity that such cases attracts can cause others to self-censor so as to avoid being subjected to similar treatment. Thus, targeted online harassment is a threat to academic freedom.

The latest example of such harassment is the case of Professor Dana Cloud at Syracuse University.  Below is a statement of solidarity with Professor Cloud signed by many of her Syracuse colleagues, as well as university alumni and students, and faculty members elsewhere.  The statement calls on the university to “defend and protect her and all faculty in the exercise of their academic freedom, their right to extramural speech, and the exercise of their conscience in civic life.”  To add your name to this statement go here.  

June 18, 2017

We stand in solidarity with Professor Dana Cloud.

We, the undersigned, stand in solidarity with Professor Dana Cloud and in opposition to the campaign of harassment and threats that have been leveled against her by right-wing extremists.

We understand that Dr. Cloud, a tenured full professor of communication studies at Syracuse University, began receiving hate-mail, including threats to her physical safety, after she tweeted out a call for larger numbers to come join a counter-protest against the “Anti-Sharia Law” rally held in Syracuse, NY, on June 10, 2017. The rally, attended by several anti-Muslim groups including the self-styled paramilitary group, the Oath Keepers, was part of a nationwide effort by the organization ACT for America to whip up Islamophobia under the guise of opposing “Sharia law.”

During the non-violent counter-protest, Dr. Cloud used social media to encourage other Syracuse community members to join the rally. As it became clear that the ACT for America supporters were beginning to leave, Dr. Cloud tweeted, “We almost have the fascists in on the run. Syracuse people come down to the federal building to finish them off.”

Four days after the peaceful rally, published an article citing Dr. Cloud’s tweet, claiming that the phrase “finish them off” was a “veiled call for violence.” Capitalizing on the ambiguity of the phrase and citing it out of context, other right-wing activists and columnists have added their voices to a witch-hunt against Dr. Cloud, including Gavin McInnes, founder of an organization the Southern Poverty Law Center describes as a “fight club ready for street violence,” and Ann Coulter.

It is no accident that Dr. Cloud, as an outspoken lesbian socialist and peaceful social justice activist for decades, is being targeted. The emboldened Right-wing targets the oppressed with disgusting insults and threats directed at their identities.

The hate-mail and threats directed against Dr. Cloud are not isolated phenomena, but part of a campaign of intimidation and harassment against those standing in solidarity with Muslims and other oppressed groups. Professors who speak out against racism and bigotry around the country are being targeted by right-wing media and activists. In December of last year, Professor George Ciccariello-Maher at Drexel University was subjected to a similar campaign, and earlier this month, Professor Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor of Princeton University was forced to cancel part of a speaking tour after receiving death threats for calling Donald Trump a racist and misogynist at a commencement speech.

These attacks are evidence of a disturbing rise in the confidence of right-wing extremists around the country. We call on others to stand in unity and solidarity with all those, like Dr. Cloud, who are being harassed and threatened by right-wing pressure groups for speaking out against Islamophobia and bigotry.

We demand that Syracuse University and the broader academic community defend and protect her and all faculty in the exercise of their academic freedom, their right to extramural speech, and the exercise of their conscience in civic life.


Mark Rupert, Professor of Political Science, Syracuse University
Osamah Khalil, Assoc. Professor, History, Syracuse University
Claudia Klaver, Associate Professor of English, Syracuse University
Janice Dowell, Professor, Philosophy, Syracuse
Steven Cohan, Professor Emeritus, English, Syracuse University
Tula Goenka, Professor, Newhouse School, Syracuse University
Margaret Susan Thompson, Assoc. Prof., History, Syracuse University
Kathleen Feyh, Asst.Teaching Professor, Communication & Rhetorical Studies, Syracuse University
Deborah Pellow, Professor, Anthropology, Syracuse University
Jackie Orr, Associate Professor, Sociology, Syracuse University
Steve Parks, Writing Studies, Rhetoric, and Composition, Syracuse University
Andre Gallois, Professor, Philosophy, Syracuse University
Laurel Morton , Instructor and President of Adjuncts United, Syracuse University
Harriet Brown, Professor, Syracuse University
Tod Rutherford, Professor Geography, Syracuse University
Ann Grodzins Gold, Thomas J. Watson Professor of Religion and Professor of Anthropology, Syracuse University
M. Gail Hamner, Professor, Syracuse University
Tom Perreault, Professor, Syracuse University
Cecilia Green, Assoc. Professor, Syracuse University
Laura Heyman, Assoc. Prof., Transmedia, Syracuse University
Elizabeth F Cohen, Associate Professor, Department of Political Science, Syracuse University
Kim Frost, Assistant Professor, Philosophy, Syracuse University
Rick Welsh, Professor, Syracuse University
Sally Roesch Wagner, Adjunct, Honors Program, Syracuse University
Michael Rieppel, Assistant Professor, Philosophy, Syracuse University
Ben Bradley, Allan and Anita Sutton Professor of Philosophy, Syracuse University
Anne C Bellows, Professor Food Studies, Syracuse University
Stephen Kuusisto, Professor, Syracuse University
Chandra Talpade Mohanty, Distinguished Professor, Syracuse University
Matt Huber, Associate Professor, Syracuse University
Glenn Wright, Director of Graduate School Programs, Syracuse University
Anne C Bellows, Professor, Syracuse University
Ben Bradley, Allan and Anita Sutton Professor of Philosophy, Syracuse University
Anne C Bellows, Professor Food Studies, Syracuse University
Gwendolyn Pough, Professor, Syracuse University
Nancy Keefe Rhodes, Adjunct, Transmedia/College of Visual & Performing Arts, Syracuse University
Brett Keegan, Teaching Fellow, Syracuse UniversityWilliam Donohue, Instructor, Lincoln University, Syracuse University Alum
Rajesh Kumar, Ph.D. Candidate at Syracuse University
Annina Ruest, Associate Professor, Department of Transmedia, Syracuse University
Erin Rand, Associate Professor, Syracuse University
Taveeshi Singh, Graduate Student, Social Science & Women’s & Gender Studies, Syracuse University
Carlo Sica, PhD Candidate, Syracuse University
Jonathan Schaefer, Syracuse University
Lulu Olaniyan, Syracuse University
Samuel Norton, Undergraduate Student, Syracuse University
T J Geiger II, PhD in Composition and Cultural Rhetoric from Syracuse U.
Alexis Rinck, Syracuse University Alumnus/ Graduate Student, University of Washington.
Kate Siegfried, Graduate Student, Syracuse University Alumni
Michael Kelly, Syracuse University alumnus
Christopher Hauck, Undergraduate, Syracuse University
Jessica Posega, PhD candidate, Anthropology, Syracuse University
Alexander Billet, Red Wedge Magazine, Alumnus of Syracuse University
Evan Lewis, Syracuse University
Kiah Bennett, Graduate Student, Syracuse University
Laura Jaffee, PhD student, Syracuse University
Rachel Elizabeth Reymann, PhD student, Penn State University, and Syracuse University Alumnus
Peter Couvares, Syracuse University
Erin Abu-Rizeq Welsh, Syracuse University ’18
Katie Shanahan, undergraduate student, Syracuse University
Hasmik Djoulakian, Syracuse University Alumnus, WGS and CCE
John Marino, Syracuse University ’15
Michael Kelly, Syracuse University alumnus
James Cinski, Undergraduate Student at Syracuse University
Danny Mantooth, Syracuse University ’18
Abby Fite, Syracuse University
Grae Gleason, Undergraduate Student, Syracuse University
Cara A. Levine, PhD candidate, Syracuse University
Ryan Bince, Syracuse University Alumnus
Myles Mason, Gradute Student, Syracuse University Alumnus
Sarah Bolden, Graduate Student, Syracuse University
Jessica Andreone, Student, Syracuse University
Nedda Sarshar, Syracuse University
Nich Hoffman, Syracuse University ’19
Jason Markins, PhD Student, Syracuse Univeristy
Maria Whitcomb, Graduate Student, Syracuse University
Carla Gaynor, Graduate Student, Syracuse University Alumni
Rae Rozman, Syracuse University alumnus
Andre Solomon, Syracuse University
Tony Scott, Writing Studies, Rhetoric and Composition, Syracuse University
Farrell Brenner, Syracuse University ’17
Heather Powell, Syracuse Alumni
Patrick Cihon, emeritus, Syracuse University
Irwin Mallin, Syracuse University alumnus
Jonathan Schaefer, Syracuse University
Susima Weerakoon, Graduate Student, Syracuse University
Keith Rosenthal, Staff Assistant, Harvard Law School
Logan Rae, Syracuse University
Kelsey Olivia Fowler, Syracuse University Class of 2017
Beth Younger, associate professor of English, Drake University
Pranav Jani, Associate Professor, The Ohio State University
Devika Chawla, Professor, Ohio University
Scott Makstenieks, PhD, Lecturer, Department of Communication Studies, University of Minnesota
Andy Kai-chun Chuang, Assistant Professor, LaGuardia Community College, CUNY
Bernardo Attias, Professor, California State University Northridge
Alexandra Fox, MA Candidate, York University
Lamiyah Bahrainwala, Visiting Assistant Professor, Communication Studies, Southwestern University
Brandon Bumstead, Lecturer, Eastern Michigan University
Dylan Rollo, PhD Student, Northwestern University
Canyon Ryan, a student of Onondaga Community College
Nina M. Lozano-Reich, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Communication Studies, Loyola Marymount University
Bernadette Marie Calafell, Professor, University of Denver
Sheri Pegram
Sarah Marusek, Post Doctoral Research Fellow, Religion Studies, University of Johannesburg
Sheila Smart Sicilia, Professor, Computer Studies, Onondaga Community College
Rebecca Anshell Song
Bill V. Mullen Purdue University
Megan Ferreira, SUNY-ESF Alumnus
Ryan Smith
Franklin Asbury
Ada Cheng, Independent Scholar
Kristen Godfrey
Josh On, Designer, San Francisco
Akua Gyamerah
Zakiya Khabir
Loretta Capeheart
Héctor Reyes, Retired Assoc. Prof., Physical Science, Harold Washington College
Stephen D’Arcy, Associate Professor, Huron University College
Maximilian Perry
Isabelle Bartter
Melodee Sova University of Denver
Edna Bonhomme
Andrea Terry, Lecturer, Communication Studies, Cal Poly SLO
Amy Patrick, educator Seattle Parks Dept.
Amanda Austin, M. Ed, Public School Educator
Constance Gordon, Graduate Student, University of Colorado Boulder
Joanne Wiedman, MSW,LSW
Phil Gasper, Professor Emeritus, Notre Dame de Namur University
Rebecca Karl, NYU
Jenna N. Hanchey, Assistant Professor of Communication Studies, University of Nevada, Reno
Umulkheyr Hassan, Undergraduate Student, The Ohio State University
Jessica Martin
Amber Rademacher, University of Texas Alumni
Susana Loza, Associate Professor of Critical Race, Gender, and Media Studies, Hampshire College
Caitrin Smith
Joe Evica, University of Wisconsin Alumni
Maureen F. Curtin, Associate Professor of English, United University Professions, SUNY-Oswego
Jessica Artinger, undergraduate student, University of California, Los Angeles
Julia M. Allen, Professor Emerita, Sonoma State University
Graham Slater, Lecturer, Sociology, University of Nevada, Reno
Alexandra Sousa, Instructor, Texas A&M
Daniel Perez, student
Nicole T, Allen, Visiting Professor St. Lawrence University
Andrea McMillan
Joan Parkin, Professor Feather River College
Jordan Allen, PhD Candidate, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Bryan Mark Urbsaitis, Lecturer, RMIT Vietnam South Saigon
Rebecca Fuentes, Workers’ Center of CNY
Kate Goodin, University of Texas at Austin Aluma
Joel Reinstein
Madeline Miller
Amy Zsohar
Eric Jenkins, University of Cincinnati
Robert F. Carley, Assistant Professor of International Studies, Texas A&M University
Jessica Johnson, PhD Candidate, University of Denver
Nick Rangel, Professor of Speech, Houston Community College
Avanti Mukherjee, PhD candidate, University of Massachusetts, Amherst
Barucha Peller, UCSC
Stephanie L. Young, Associate Professor of Communication Studies, University of Southern Indiana
David Woodsome
Evan Mitchell Schares, PhD Student, Louisiana State University
Christopher Henderson (UT grad, UH Law Center JD candidate)
Jesse Czekanski-Moir
Walid Afifi, UCSB
Nick Copeland, Asst. Professor, Virginia Tech
Mickey Cox, The University of Texas at Austin
Anna Muraco, Associate Professor, Loyola Marymount University
Brian Dolber, Assistant Professor, California State University, San Marcos
David R. Ewoldsen, Professor, Michigan State University
Tiara Naputi, Assistant Professor, University of Colorado Boulder
Alexander Fusi, SUNY-ESF
Andrew Dobbs
Justin Akers Chacon, San Doego
Dustin Greenwalt, Lecturer of Communication Arts, Pennsylvania State University
Justin Akers Chacon, San Diego City College
Alex Mendoza, Columbus State Community College
Amy Quichiz, SU Alumna, WGS and SOC
Andrew F. Herrmann Associate Professor, Communication Studies, ETSU
Charles Grand, PhD student, University of Texas at Arlington
Keri Thompson, Senior Lecturer, Emerson College
Rahul Rastogi, Asst. Prof, SUNY Oneonta
Patrick L. Gallagher, Associate Professor of Spanish, Kent State U.
Dana Schowalter, Assistant Professor, Western Oregon University
Marnie Ritchie, Graduate Student, University of Texas at Austin
Trish Kahle, University of Chicago
Randy Nichols, Assistant Professor of Communication, University of Washington Tacoma
Steven Salaita
Barbara Bullard Orange Coast College
Cynthia Franklin, Professor, University of Hawai’i
Cathy Bergin, university of Brighton
Dana Schowalter, Assistant Professor, Western Oregon University
S.A. Colclough, Graduate Student, University of Texas at Austin
Heather Hayes, Asst Prof, Whitman College
Jaishikha Nautiyal, PhD candidate, University of Texas at Austin
Charles LuLevitt, PhD Student, University of Denver
Banafsheh Madaninejad, Visiting Assistant Professor, Southwestern University
Peter Odell Campbell, Assistant Professor of English, University of Pittsburgh
Ernie Artiz, PhD Candidate, The University of California, Berkeley
Imam Mohamed-Umer Esmail
Karla Cruz, Southwestern University
Matthew Bost, Whitman College
Dave Keating, California State University, Northridge
Leilani Nishime, Associate Professor of Communication, University of Washington
Matthew Wackerle, JD candidate, The University of Texas School of Law
Eric English, Lecturer, Communication Department, University of Pittsburgh
Toni Nielson, Executive Director, Bay Area Urban Debate League
Frank Gidney, Fresno State
Greg Burris, Asst. Professor of Media Studies, American University of Beirut
Marissa Bermudez, Undergrad student, SUNY ESF
Andrew Ó Baoill, School of Humanities, National University of Ireland Galway
Marissa Bermudez, Undergrad student, SUNY ESF
Amanda Austin, M. Ed, Public School Educator
Sonia Montoya, PhD candidate, U
Sonia Montoya, PhD candidate, UMD College Park
Dele Balogun, Graduate Student, Portland State University
William D. Fusfield, Associate Professor Emeritus, Communication Department, University of Pittsburgh
Ragan Fox, Professor, California State University Long Beach
Holly Lewis, Assistant Professor of Philosophy, Texas State University
Dean P. Vesperman, Ph.D.
Uri Horesh, PhD, University of Essex
Brian Jones, CUNY Graduate Center
Samantha Elder
Brian Jones, CUNY Graduate Center
David S. Heineman, Associate Professor, Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania
Nimanthi Rajasingham, Assistant Professor, Colgate University
Sarah Trumble – Lecturer Washburn University
Gerald Voorhees, University of Waterloo
Diane Davis, University of Texas
Piya Chatterjee, Scripps College
Lana McDonnell, Texas A&M University- Kingsville
Gerald Voorhees, University of Waterloo
Gerald Voorhees, University of Waterloo
Christopher Poulos, Professor, University of North Carolina at Greensboro
James Tyler
James Tyler, Purdue University
Amanda Davis Gatchet, Assistant Professor, Montgomery County Community College
Chris Howell, Professor of Politics, Oberlin College
Fern Bradley
Elizabeth Bishop, Texas State University
Killian E. Manning, UNC-Greensboro
Mohan J. Dutta, NUS
Madge Darlington
Mana Mirjany
Charles Post, Professor, Sociology, Graduate Center and Borough of Manhattan Community College-CUNY
Sixto Lopez, ISO-Chicago
Anthony Paul Farley, Matthews Distinguished Professor of Jurisprudence, Albany Law School (institution and title listed for identification purposes only)
Nathan Wilson, Associate Professor, Northwest Missouri State University
Ira Allen, American University of Beirut
Snehal Shingavi, associate professor, University of Texas, Austin
Kathryn Campbell-Kibler, Assiciate professor, Ohio State University
Charlotte Kates, Samidoun Palestinian Prisoner Solidarity Network
Carol Wallace, Assistant Professor of Hispanic Studies, University of Minnesota Duluth
Cynthia Slater
Robin Hackett, UNH
Chenjerai Kumanyika, AsAssistant Professor, Rutgers University
DeSales Harrison, Assoc. Prof. Oberlin College
Chenjerai Kumanyika, Assistant Professor, Rutgers University
Aaron E. Bacue, Assistant Professor, Kent State University
Caroline T. Rankin, PhD, MSW
Todd Wolfson, Rutgers University
Betsy McCann
Forrest Rule, PhD candidate, Texas A&M University
Richard St. Peter, Assistant Professor of Theatre, Clemson University
Katie Frawley-Clarke Enforcement Manager CNY Fair Housing
Barry Shank, Professor, The Ohio State University.
Andy Opel, Professor, Florida State University
Paul D’Amato, editor, International Socialist Review
Joschka Tryba
Peter J Smith, Nova Southeastern University
Jesse Zarley, Ph.D., University of Maryland
Matthew Houdek, PhD Candidate, University of Iowa
Lucian Ghita, Lecturer, Clemson University
Jane Banks, Professor Emerita, Indiana University Purdue University Fort Wayne
Adam J Tallman (PhD candidate, UT Austin)
Marc Bousquet, Associate Professor of Media Studies, Emory University
Marissa L. Hill, Syracuse Cultural Workers, former adjunct professor at SUNY Oswego
Sheldon Shanak, Human Being, America
Jeffry Watters, instructor, Columbus State Community College
Meaghan Scully, CFE Masters Student
Kay Sweeney
Darwin Tsen, Postdoc Fellow, The Pennsylvania State University
G Patterson, Assistant Professor of English, Ball State University
Freya Thimsen, Assistant Professor, Indiana University
M. Radwan
Judith Weiner, Northop Grumman
Ethan Thompson, Outreach Director
Lauren DeLaCruz, Ph.D. Candidate, Northwestern University
Shane Whalley, Lecturer, UT Austin
Sean Purdy, Professor of History, University of Sao Paulo
Nichole Kathol, Assistant Professor of Communication, Lake Erie College
Matthew P. McAllister, Professor, Penn State
Bret Benjamin, University at Albany, SUNY
Daniel Werst graduate University of Illinois
Kathleen Hunt, Assistant Professor of Communication
Sherry Wolf, Senior Organizer, Rutgers AAUP-AFT
Yvonne Slosarski, Doctoral Candidate, University of Maryland
Jennifer Jackson, Associate Professor of English, North Central College
Christopher Robinson, Clarkson University
Michael Peńa
Christina Foust, University of Denver
Darrin Hoop, Spanish teacher, Seattle Education Association
Mike Dimpfl, Lecturing Fellow, Duke University
Sydney Hart, PhD, Wilbur Wright College, Chicago, IL
Tim Goulet Teamsters Local 810
Guy Miller UTU 577 (ret)
Gordon Beeferman, PhD candidate, NYU
Eric Borja, PhD student, University of Texas – Austin
Armond R. Towns, University of Denver
Jeffrey Dowd, Instructor, Rutgers University
Steven Herro, Professor, College of Southern Nevada
John Burdick, Professor, Anthropology
Christopher Sutch, English Teacher Marshalltown High School/Adjunct Professor of English at Marshalltown Community College
Ravi Jaimangal Undergraduate SUNY ESF
Dr. Sarah McGhee
Kyle Gilbertson
Amelia lefevre
Rosa Eberly, Penn State University
Brian Creech, Assistant Professor, Temple University
Hillary Procknow, faculty and staff at The University of Texas at Austin
Sarah Jaffe
Charles Parrott, Associate Professor, Kennesaw State University
R. Brandon Anderson, Visiting Professor, Gustavus Adolphus College
Kate Navickas, Cornell University
Bradley A. Serber, Ph.D., Penn State
Robert McDonald, Lecturer, University of Kansas
Jennifer Buchan, PSU
Dana Hill, PhD
Kevin Bruyneel, Babson College
Navine Murshid, Associate Professor of Political Science, Colgate University
Daniel S. Strasser, Associate Professor of Communication Studies, Rowan University
Mohan j Dutta, NUS
Anustup Basu, Associate Professor, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Jennifer L. Adams, Associate Professor, DePauw University
Frederick Wetzel, Ph.D
Michelle Flood, PhD student, University of Iowa
Benjamin R Bates, Professor, Ohio University
Raka Shome, National University of Singapore
Will Penman, PhD Candidate, Carnegie Mellon University
Kristen Hoerl, Associate Professor, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Jonathan Dettman, University of Nebraska at Kearney
Alexander Hiland, PhD Candidate, University of Minnesota
Rena Evans
Mary Moore, Director of Individual Events, Ball State University
Jenny Heinz
Eliot Tretter University of Calgary
Jeff Bale, Associate Professor, OISE/University of Toronto
Peter R. Jensen, Assistant Professor Communication Studies, University of Alabama
Jessica Prody, Associate Professor, St. Lawrence University
Leo Parascondola, William Paterson Universtiy
Kelly Clancy, Assistant Professor of Political Science, Nebraska Wesleyan University
Ricardo Munoz, PhD Candidate, University of Colorado Boulder, Department of Communication
Zachary McDowell, Assistant Professor, University of Illinois at Chicago
Stacy Grooters
Jose Camacho, Rutgers University
Gregory Morin
Mary Stuckey
Danny Katch
Martha M Barantovich, Senioe Instructor, Florida International University
Joni Spigler, Independent Scholar and Artist
Chris Isett, University of Minnesota
Jeff Goodwin, Professor of Sociology, New York Univrsity
Barbara Brower, professor, portland stareuniversity
Kate Griffiths
Lynnette Leonard, Associate Professor & Department Chair American University in Bulgaria
Joshua Morrison, Lecturer, Longwood University
Larisa Kingston Mann, Assistant Professor, Temple University
Casey Ryan Kelly, Associate Professor of Communication Studies, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Casey Kelly, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Jodi Dean, Professor of Political Science, Hobart and William Smith Colleges
Ginetta Candelario, Sociology, Smith College
Lina Nguyen, University of Massachusetts Amherst Alumni
Karin Wilkins, University of Texas at Austin
Amanda Nell Edgar, Asst. Prof., University of Memphis
Steven Errede, Emeritus Professor of Physics, the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Wendy Kozol Professor Oberlin College
Katherine Charek Briggs, MA, UT-Austin; staff, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Jason S. Wrench, Associate Professor, SUNY New Paltz
Tithi Bhattacharya, Purdue University
Jessica Furgerson, Director of Debate, Western Kentucky Univeristy
Douglas Williams, Wayne State University
Jonah ben Avraham, Alumnus, Columbia University
Rebecca Schewe
Ani Dutta, U of Iowa
Jyotsna Kapur, Professor, Southern Illinois University, Carbondale
Rajat Datta, Professor, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New pDelhi
Sheida Shirvani
Harriette Kevill-Davies, PhD Student, Northwestern University
Kelsey Aaron, University of Vermont / International Socialist Organization
Tina M. Harris, University of Georgia
Kristen Martin
Steven Gilmore, Attorney at Law
Norma Musih PhD Candidate Indiana University
Kathleen J. Turner, Professor Emerita, Communication Studies, Davidson College
Joseph Keady, PhD student, UMass Amherst
Dr. David Demers, American Center for Civil Liberties, Phoenix, AZ
Samuel Farber, Brooklyn College (retired)
Robin M. Beale, Concerned Citizen, Lantana, Florida
Dr. Rich Ferguson
Cherian George, Assoc Professor, Hong Kong Baptist University
Katie MacDonald
Meghan McConnell
Shaun Treat, PhD independent scholar
Talia Earle, Independent Scholar
Jennifer Selwyn, Adjunct Associate Professor of History, Portland State University/Lecturer, CSU Sacramento
Diane Keeling, Assistant Professor, University of San Diego
Kate Todd Nordling
Valerie Renegar, Southwestern University
Geoff Bailey
Samantha Perez, MA candidate, University of Minnesota-Twin Cities
Helen Scott, Associate Professor, University of Vermont
Rod Carveth, Associate Professor, Morgan State University
Jessica Blatt, Associate Professor of Political Science, Marymount Manhattan College
Leslie Harris, Associate Professor, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
Lisa Corrigan, University of Arkansas
Ruben Fitch, Masters Student, UC Santa Cruz
Michael McCarthy, Marquette
Valerie Thatcher Murphy, Visiting Assistant Professor, St. Edward’s University
Deanna Shoemaker, Assoc Prof Communication, Monmouth University
Wilson Valentín-Escobar, Associate Professor, Hampshire College
Moana Luri de Almeida, PhD student, University of Denver
Steve Macek, North Central College
Bailey Kelley, Communication Studies, University of Iowa
Kyle Kerley, Ohio State University Alumni
Michelle Acevedo Callejas, PhD student-University of Iowa
Katie Ellsweig
Dafna Wu, Family Nurse Practitioner, San Francisco General Hospital
Toniesha Taylor, Associate Professor, Prairie View A&M University
Caryn Medved, Baruch College
Joshua Miller, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
Maria Whitcomb, M.A. Candidate Arts Leadership Administration ’17, Setnor ’16
Kate Griffiths
Maria Whitcomb, M.A. Candidate Arts Leadership Administration ’17
Kate Griffiths
Will Myers
Paul LeBlanc, Professor of History, LaRoche College
Jason Grote, playwright and screenwriter
Jennifer Nelson, School of the Art Institute of Chicago
Michelle Cloud
Michelle Flood, PhD student, University of Iowa
Jason Laurendeau, Associate Professor of Sociology, University of Lethbridge
Antonio de Velasco, University of Memphis
Paul Johnson, University of Pittsburgh
Jozie Nummi, PhD Student, Texas A&M University
Christopher Miles, PhD candidate, Indiana University; Syracuse born & raised
Jasmine Noelle Yarish, PhD Candidate, UCSB
Daniel Marcus, Professor, Goucher College
Anne-Lise François, Associate Professor, English & Compartive Literature, UC-Berkeley
Joel Stillerman,Grand Valley State University
Francois-Xavier Plasse-Couture, PhD Political Science, University of Hawaii
Ernesto Martinez, Associate Professor, University of Oregon
Kate LaPierre, Professor of Communication, Ft Wayne , IN
Lainie Duro
Juliet Hess, Assistant Professor, Michigan State University
William Brucher, Teaching Instructor, Rutgers University
Eoin Higgins
Kevin Musgrave, doctoral candidate, University of Wisconsin
Joel Rollins. University of Texas
Nancy Welch, Professor of English, University of Vermont
Vivian Deno, Associate Professor, Butler University
Beth Sutton-Ramspeck, Associate Professor, The Ohio State University–Lima
Cynthia Levine-Rasky, Queen’s University, Ontario
Allison Schlobohm, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Kate Griffiths
Katharina Dulckeit, Professor Emerita, Butler University
Megan Schraedley, PhD candidate, University of Missouri
Jen Watson, Boulder, CO
Justin Foote, Northern State University
Andrea Gutmann Fuentes, The Ohio State University
Olivia Conti, SU CRS alum, PhD University of Wisconsin-Madison
David M. Thomas, doctoral student, University of Denver
Hayley Smith, Connecticut College
Julia Voss, Santa Clara University
Lisa Henderson, Professor, University of Massachusetts Amherst
Brian Pickett
Jason Zingsheim, Associate Professor, Governors State University
Melissa Lo, Liberal Arts Instructor, Southern California Institute of Architecture
Zazil Reyes, Assistant Professor, University of the Incarnate Word
Neel Ahuja, Associate Professor, UC-Santa Cruz
David McNally, Professor, York University
Selah Saterstrom, Associate Professor, University of Denver
Ivy Glennon, PhD University of Illinois
Shirley Fleischman, Professor, Tarantino County College
Karma R. Chávez, Associate Professor, University of Texas at Austin
Barry Fruchter, Associate Professor, English, LatinAmerican Studies, Jewish Studies, SUNY
Amy Eriksson, lecturer, Santa Clara University
Mary Meares, Associate Professor, University of Alabama
Korryn Mozisek, Carnegie Mellon University
Sanford Schram, Hunter College, CUNY
Joaquin Villanueva, Assistant Professor, Gustavus Adolphus College
Karen Weiser, Independent Scholar, NYC
E. Michele Ramsey, Pennsylvania State University-Berks College
Christina van Ittersum, Angelo State University
Ashley Mack, Assistant Professor, Louisiana State University
Bryan McCann, Assistant Professor, Louisiana State University
Ivy Glennon, PhD University of Illinois
Judy Heithmar, organizer
Alexander Gorman, Graduate Student, Duquesne University
Shampa Biswas, Paul Garrett Professor of Political Science, Whitman College
Angela Aguayo, Associate Professor, Southern Illinois University
Tanner Willbanks, University of Kansas
Jeffery R. Webber, Senior Lecturer, Queen Mary University of London
Raz Chen-Morris, Associate Professor, Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Colin Quinn
Melanie Williams
Diane Cormany, University of Minnesota
Namita Goswami, Indiana State University
Katie Williams, Assistant Professor, Ivy Tech Community College
Crystal Rabizadeh
Heather Roy, Doctoral Candidate, The University of Iowa
Kelly Delevan, Le Moyne College
Zachary Brady
Jason A. Edwards, Professor, Bridgewater State University
Frank Farmer, Professor, University of Kansas
Erin Nelson, Assistant Professor, Concordia University Irvine
Seth Kahn, Professor of English, West Chester University of PA
Sarah Amira de la Garza, Arizona State University
Deborah Mutnick, Professor, Long Island University Brooklyn
Jason A. Edwards, Professor of Communication Studies, Bridgewater State University
Susan Wells, Professor of English, Temple University
Sabrina Freeney, Assistant Professor, Georgia State University-Decatur
Sandra Nelson, Doctoral Student, University of Pittsburgh
Erica Mathews
Vincent Russell, Doctoral Student, University of Colorado at Boulder
John Obeda, Chicago
Suzanne V. L. Berg, Assistant Professor of Communication, Newman University
Kelli Potter, Associate Professor of Philosophy, Utah Valley University
Valerie Manusov, Professor, University of Washington
Sarah Grey, editor, Philadelphia, PA
Robert T. Craig, University of Colorado Boulder
Tom Potter, rank and file member, AFSCME 3650 Harvard Union of Clerical and Technical Workers (personal identification)
Kirt H. Wilson, Associate Professor, Penn State University
Thomas John Pickering
Chloe Hansen, SU CRS alum, Visiting Instructor University of Pittsburgh
Sarah Sharma, Associate Professor, University of Toronto
James Ramey
Dr. Deborah Tudor, Southern Illinois University
Greg McGarry
Jessica Ellis, MA student, Western University
Leon Bailey, Sociology Department, Roosevelt University
Nichole Shippen, Associate Professor, LAGCC
Dave Kashmer, Veterans For Peace
Scarlett Hester, Doctoral Candidate, University of Memphis
Benjamin Mann, PhD Student, University of Utah
Spencer Beswick, PhD Student, Cornell University
Amber Gordon, Student, Kansas State University
Dan Elgin, Counselor
Lisa Perks, Associate Professor of Communication, Merrimack College
Carol Diehl
Jennifer Potter, Associate Professor, Towson University
Daniel D. Morrison, Senior Instructor, The University of Oregon
Roderick P. Dampier, Florida State University Alumni
Garrett Wright
Lis Regula
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Hollis Glaser, professor, CUNY
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Hollis Glaser, professor, CUNY
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Kyle Byron, PhD student, Department for the Study of Religion, University of Toronto
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Hollis Glaser, professor, CUNY
Kathleen Domenig, Publisher, Strata Publishing, Inc.
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alison lietzenmayer
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Fahed Al-Sumait, Assistant Professor of Communication, Gulf University for Science and Technology
Fahed Al-Sumait, Assistant Professor of Communication, Gulf University for Science and Technology
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Shereen Yousuf, PhD Student, University of Wisconsin-Madison
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Darrel Wanzer-Serrano, Associate Professor, Dept. of Communication Studies, University of Iowa
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Ron Jackson, Professor, University of Cincinnati
Chris Ingraham, Assistant Professor, NC State University
Amy Agigian, Associate Professor, Suffolk University
Manuel Ramirez, University of Texas at Austin
Annie Hill, Assistant Professor, University of Minnesota
Julie Schutten Associate Professor of Communication Studies Northern Arizona University
Stephanie Klatzke, Associate Professor, Northern Kentucky University
Ruma Sen, Professor, Communication, Ramapo College
Joan Landes, Professor Emerita, Penn State University
Kevin Johnson, Associate Professor, California State University, Long Beach
Kendall Gerdes, Assistant Professor, Texas Tech University
Thomas Streeter, University of Vermont
Torin Dewdney, Colorado State University
Diana Bowen, Assistant Professor, University of Houston-Clear Lake
Nicole Costantini, Instructor, Louisiana State University
Matt Tedrow, Ph.D.
Erin O’Connor, University of Texas at Austin
Shanna D. Schultz, Adjunct Professor, San Jacinto College
Alberto Gonzalez, Professor, Bowling Green State University
Kaitlyn Patia, Whitman College
Bjorn Krondorfer, Endowed Professor, Northern Arizona University
Kelly Opdycke, PhD Student, Department of Cultural Studies, Claremont Graduate University
Jake Dionne, Doctoral Student at the University of Colorado Boulder
Piotr Szpunar, Assistant Professor, University at Albany, SUNY
Mazhar Syed, Alumni, Rutgers University
Garry Potter, Professor, Wilfrid Laurier University
Elizabeth Dean
Ron Greene Professor University of Minnesota
Ann Braithwaite, Professor, University of Prince Edward Island
Bob Barnetson, Professor of Labour Relations, Athabasca University
Michael J Rulon, Lecturer of French, Northern Arizona University
Karen Lovaas, San Francisco State University
Mary Anne Trasciatti, Hofstra University
Dina Gilio-Whitaker, Center for World Indigenous Studies
M. L. FalerSweany
Steve Ramey
Kim Curtis, Lecturer, Northern Arizona University
Suzanne Mullins, Undergraduate Student, Wake Forest University
Kathryn Hobson, Assistant Professor of Cultural Communication, James Madison University
Kelsey Lynn, Artist and Activist
Berkley Conner, Graduate Student, University of Iowa
Shelly Schaefer Hinck, Professor, Central Michigan University
Chelsea Graham, Ph.D, University of Kansas
Dont Rhine, Faculty Co-Chair, Visual Art, Vermont College of Fine Arts
Brendan Hughes, Metropolitan State University of Denver
Lauren C. Anderson, Assistant Professor, Lasell College
Christina LaVecchia, University of Cincinnati
Andre E. Johnson, Assistant Professor of Communication, University of Memphis
Sarah Partlow Lefèvre, Professor of Communication, Media, and Persuasion at Idaho State University
Emily Shaffer, Northern Arizona University
Rachel Droogsma, Assistant Professor, Nebraska Wesleyan University
Karen Schairer, professor, Northern Arizona University
Nicholas Burk, California State University, Chico
Barbara Cruikshank, University of Massachusetts
Parker McQueeney
Kristiana Wright, Graduate Student, University of Minnesota
Dr. Kenisha Burke
Joshua Gunn, Associate Professor of Communication Studies, University of Texas at Austin
Rebecca Walker, Assistant Professor, Southern Illinois University
Kathleen Weir Bertolatus, J.D., Alumna, University of Texas at Austin
Suzanne Mullins, Undergraduate Student, Wake Forest University
Dakota Park-Ozee, Master’s Student, University of Utah
Barbara L. Baker, Professor Emerita, University of Central Missouri
Esra Ozcan, Professor of Practice, Tulane University
Emily Vajjala, Southern Illinois University, Carbondale
Liora Elias, Lecturer, University of Minnesota
Deidre Anne Evans Garriott, Assistant Professor & Writing Center Coordinator, Virginia Military Institute
John M. Ackerman, University of Colorado-Boulder
Philip Dalton, Associate Professor, Hofstra University
Jesse Knutson, University of Hawaii Mānoa

6 thoughts on “Statement of Solidarity with Professor Dana Cloud

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  3. So let me get this right, threatening this professor is stiffling free speech, so what is it when she is threatening people??? When she tweeted ” come finish them off” that is free speech but say some threatens her after she made that threat, what is that??? All I know is all federal funding should be pulled from colleges, and I feel if you leftist professors wanwant teach socialism, you should have lived in a socialist country for at-least 10 years. You have no clue what you are putting into these kids heads.. Also, if I had a kid that was college age I would first sit in the classes then NEVER, YES NEVER let my kid step foot in your class to allow you to fill their heads with this shit that you are filling this and other generations full of.. You are NOT professor’s you are indoctrinating these kids…

  4. Anyone who shows any support for Sharia Law should be denounced. I do not support any violence towards them but you academics who simply look the other way while Professors like Dana Cloud support Sharia Law should be ashamed of yourselves. A free society has no room for Sharia law and Sharia Law has no room for a free society.

  5. From what I have read, Cloud blames 9/11 on America and rewrote America’s Pledge of Allegiance to give her allegiance to Iraq, Palestine and Afghanistan. She also supports Sharia Law which would throw her off a building or behead her for being gay. I give no support to this woman who is harming the minds of our young people. Parents need to take notice of this and take their children home before they are ruined.

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