VIDEO: The First Amendment on Campus


On June 14 the AAUP and the Newseum co-hosted a symposium on current challenges to free expression on college campuses, the First Amendment’s role and the future of the student press at American universities.  The program consisted of two panels, one on free speech and the second on the student press.  The first panel included Newseum CEO Jeffrey Herbst, former president of Colgate University and author of a recent white paper, “Addressing the Real Crisis of Free Expression on Campus”; John K. Wilson, co-editor of AAUP’s Academe Blog and author of Patriotic Correctness: Academic Freedom and Its Enemies; and Catherine Ross, professor of law at George Washington University and author of Lessons in Censorship: How Schools and Courts Subvert Students’ First Amendment Rights. The second panel included Frank LoMonte, executive director of the Student Press Law Center; Henry Reichman, first vice president of AAUP and chair of the AAUP Committee on Academic Freedom and Tenure; and Courtney Rozen, editor-in-chief of The Eagle, the student newspaper at American University.  Gene Policinski, chief operating officer of the Newseum Institute, moderated both panel discussions.  Below is a video of the symposium (it is about two hours long).

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