“The Opposition” Takes On Turning Point USA


Jordan Klepper’s “The Opposition” on Comedy Central tries to pick up where the old Colbert Report left off.  Like Colbert, Klepper takes on the persona of an arrogant right-wing commentator to satirize the foibles and falsehoods often promoted by such.  Last night his “correspondents” took on Turning Point, USA, sponsor of the notorious Professor Watchlist.  The segment includes an interview with AAUP member Amanda Gailey of the University of Nebraska, where faculty members have been standing up to a series of assaults on their academic freedom.  Here’s the piece (you’ll have to watch a short ad first):




2 thoughts on ““The Opposition” Takes On Turning Point USA

  1. Humor used to be counter-culture, employed to challenge the establishment. Today, the most influential humorists act as soldiers for the dominant cultural class. What happens when the counter-culture is co-oped by the elites? I guess we’re going to find out.

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