GOP Convention in Cleveland

Some Observations about the RNC, Days 1-2

BY MARTIN KICH Even before the convention began, more than 100 women posed nude for an “art installation” called “Everything She Says Means Everything.” Here is how an Esquire story on this protest opened: “As the sun rises Sunday morning over the Quicken Loans Arena in downtown Cleveland, 100 women stand completely nude, holding large,…

Mahmoud Abou Zeid

International Press Freedom Award Winners

POSTED BY MARTIN KICH This is a press release from the Committee to Protect Journalists. I have added the photos of the journalists. _________________________ New York, July 18, 2016—The Committee to Protect Journalists will honor journalists from Egypt, India, Turkey, and El Salvador with its2016 International Press Freedom Awards. The journalists have faced threats, legal action,…

GOP Convention in Cleveland

Impact of GOP Convention on Colleges and Universities

POSTED BY MARTIN KICH Writing for Crain’s Cleveland Business, Rachel Abbey McCafferty reports on how Cleveland’s colleges and universities are being impacted by the Republican National Convention: “Cleveland State University’s second summer session is getting underway on Monday, July 18 — the first day of the convention. With the parking restrictions and road closures in the…

GOP Convention in Cleveland

“Guns Make Us Safer” (with Certain Exceptions)

POSTED BY MARTIN KICH The following is an excerpt from CNN’s Politics Nightcap daily newsletter: “RNC kick-off: Police union asks for ‘open carry’ suspension “The head of Cleveland’s largest police union is calling on Ohio Gov. John Kasich to temporarily restrict the state’s open carry gun laws during this week’s Republican National Convention after Sunday’s shooting in Louisiana that killed three officers…

Flint MI

Learning from Flint, Rick Snyder Style

POSTED BY MARTIN KICH The editors at the Detroit Free Press have published an editorial titled “Like a Sick Joke.” Here are the opening paragraphs: “In the wake of the Flint water crisis, amid profound concerns over an aging oil pipeline under the Great Lakes, with an ongoing, urgent need to decrease pollution and improve air quality and…

Tech Open Letter [Flag on US Map]

Tech Leaders’ Open Letter on Trump Candidacy

POSTED BY MARTIN KICH We are inventors, entrepreneurs, engineers, investors, researchers, and business leaders working in the technology sector. We are proud that American innovation is the envy of the world, a source of widely-shared prosperity, and a hallmark of our global leadership. We believe in an inclusive country that fosters opportunity, creativity and a…


The Earth as Art

BY MARTIN KICH Thousands of images taken by ASTER, the Advanced Spaceborne Thermal Emission and Reflection Radiometer, are now available online. Many of the images look like works of art. Consider the following image of an alluvial fan in the semi-arid interior of China:  

The Best of the Shoreline winner Chips III in Clinton for Friendliest Neighborhood Bar and Best Place to Watch the World Series. Photo by Mara Lavitt/New Haven Register


“Thucydides” on “Right to Work”

POSTED BY MARTIN KICH This “over the transom” piece is from a colleague who has chosen the pseudonym “Thucydides.” It owes a considerable debt—is in many respects an homage–to the legendary Chicago newspaper columnist Mike Royko. _________________________ Moose McGillicuddy had just opened his tavern on a quiet weekday morning, wanting to do some cleaning before…