COCAL Updates

By Joe Berry

Updates from COCAL (Chicago Coalition of Contingent Academic Labor).

1. New edition of the contingent faculty bibliography available.

2. Bob Samuels (Pres of U of CA -AFT Council of locals in Univ of CA, which represents all the NTT faculty at UC) reports on his visit to the White House

3. Interesting piece on attacks on higher ed and the role of faculty unions.

4. CFA in CA State U system authorizes strike vote

5. UUP a State U of NY system authorizes some pro-contingent reforms in the union

6. College of Lake County (IL) FTers say hire more FTers.

7. Very good letter to Baltimore Sun in reply to their article on adjunct conditions at Baltimore City College

8. President of Madison, WI Tech college PYT teachers union proposes dissolving union and seting up for profit employment agency to contract with college

9. Great example of public worker union solidarity with Wall Street protesters.

10. St Leo U dumps its for-profit online contractor and brings the work back in house.

11. Great pictures, stories and brief bios of some of the “99%” occupying Wall Street. This is REALLY worth looking at and passing on.

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