COCAL Updates

By Joe Berry
1. Reports on Campus Equity Week
Event page
CEW 2011 blog
COCAL (links including CEW from 2007)

2. Occupy Wall St petition for faculty. Not a production of any particular group; I’m just helping to circulate it.

3. Nice new/old song from OWS.

4. Northern Michigan adjuncts (partial group) join existing union (AAUP).

5. Update on organizing (and admin challenges) at U of IL, Chicago.

6. AFT Campus Equity Week actions and Just Ask campaign.

7. Academic Underpinings of Occupy Wall Street Protests.

8. Do faculty strikes work today?

9. Very good You Tube interview with an adjunct professor at Occupy Wall Street.

10. Montana State faculty vote on first union contract.

11. Negotiations updates from Raritan College (NJ).

12. British University and College Union takes aim a private higher ed there.

13. Grad local and two faculty locals (FTTT and Adjunct) may all strike at Southern Il U need support. The four IEA locals at SIU Carbondale that will be on strike this week if agreements are not reached at four bargaining tables by midnight Wednesday.

1. What you can do to support SIUC faculty and staff
2. Your best source for info
3. Brief set of objectives of four SIUC locals

1. WHAT YOU CAN DO (now, thanks!)
E-mail (or call in) a message immediately to demand that SIUC settle these contracts!
Ms. Misty Whittington:
Executive Secretary, Southern Illinois University Board of Trustees
(618) 536-3357

Dr. Rita Cheng:
SIUC Chancellor
(618) 453-2341

Dr. Glenn Poshard:
SIU President
(618) 536-3357

While news coverage has been fairly good in our area, we refer you to the joint website (link above) for the real story.

OBJECTIVES (all told):
• We aim to make education the top priority on the SIUC campus.
• We aim to empower the faculty, staff, and GAs who work with students at SIUC.
• We aim to help SIUC meet its challenges, but as partners, not under imposed terms.
• We aim to reach a fair contract after working since the summer of 2010 (almost 500 days) with no contract.
• Our goal is to secure fair contracts for all, not a strike.

OBJECTIVES (as locals):
ACsE – SIUC Association of Civil Service Employees
• We are the front-line workers assisting students across campus, from the minute they sign up for classes to the day they graduate.
• We seek:
o a fair and respectful work environment for ACsE professionals;
o to give our members a voice as partners in campus decision-making;
o to unfreeze ‘frozen’ positions in our unit;
o to increase job security; and
o to prevent imposed ‘unpaid closure days’.

GAU- SIUC Graduate Assistants United
• As students and teachers, we serve as both mentors and instructors to SIUC undergraduates.
• We aim to ensure that top-notch graduate students continue to apply for assistantships at SIUC.
• We seek:
o a fair contract that will deliver adequate health care,
o a living wage, and
o relief from soaring fees that devour the first two months of our stipends.

FA – SIUC Faculty Association
• Our research and teaching are at the heart of the university’s mission.
• We aim to defend academic freedom by preserving faculty tenure, and to allow faculty to ensure the quality of academic programs, including distance learning programs.
• We will exercise our collective bargaining rights to seek competitive salaries which are guaranteed by contractual language and cannot be unilaterally cut by the administration.

NTT FA – Non-Tenure Track Faculty
• NTT faculty allow for expanded course offerings and provide students with the benefit of our focus on teaching, supported by our professional experience, specialized training and advanced degrees.
• The NTT FA seeks:
o job security earned through positive performance evaluations and years of service;
o a voice in decisions affecting student instruction; and
o appointment and layoff procedures appropriate to professional educators.

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