Colorado AAUP Report on Phil Mitchell and Ward Churchill

From the Colorado AAUP:

The Colorado Conference of the American Association of University Professors has conducted an investigation into the University of Colorado’s dismissals of two members of its faculty.

Phil Mitchell and Ward Churchill represent different sides of the same coin. One is a fundamentalist Christian identified with the political right wing; the other is a radical leftist. One was an untenured instructor; the other was a tenured professor with an international reputation as a pioneering scholar in his field. One’s political opinions were known mostly to colleagues in his department and perhaps to the congregation in rural Colorado where he serves as a part-time minister. The other wrote an essay that provoked the enmity of a nation. But both, for a period of over twenty years, were among the most popular teachers at the University of Colorado. And both were fired from the University of Colorado because other people did not like their opinions.

Because of the University of Colorado’s indifference to the ideals of academic freedom, as abundantly demonstrated in these two reports, the Colorado Conference of the American Association of University Professors (AAUP) recommends that any faculty seeking employment accept a position at the University of Colorado only as a last resort.

The entire report is posted on the Colorado Conference’s website at

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