Two Responses to the Enactment of the Last Major Provisions of the Affordable Care Act

The first item is from Newsmax, a Far-Right news service:


Dear Newsmax Reader,

On October 1st, the first major milestone of ObamaCare began.

So-called “health exchanges” are now open across the United States.

In the past your employer would handle your coverage, or you could deal directly with a private insurer.

Not anymore.

Millions of Americans will now be forced to shop for health insurance on the government-run health exchanges.

ObamaCare promised you’d keep your current insurance and your doctor.

But as many companies move to end coverage for employees due to the onerous costs, millions of Americans will be forced to use these exchanges. They will likely lose their current insurance and their doctor.

There is so much more you need to know, especially the massive rule changes to affect Medicare soon.

You need solid information to make informed decisions now.

That’s why we’re recommending the ObamaCare Survival Guide.

It’s the “best guide” to the new law.

This #1 New York Times and Amazon best-seller explains all the rules and the hidden taxes and fees.

It reveals the loopholes and strategies that show you how you can best navigate through this massive law.

Donald Trump says the ObamaCare Survival Guide is “terrific—a must-read for anyone who is worried about getting good healthcare for themselves or their employees.”

More than half a million Americans already have gotten their copy of the ObamaCare Survival Guide.

You should, too.

Make sure you have it, before you shop for health insurance!

Make sure you read it, before you have a healthcare emergency!

The ObamaCare Survival Guide is available in bookstores everywhere, but with our Special Offer you’ll save over $15 off the cover price!

Yes, for just $4.95 you can get the ObamaCare Survival Guide with our Special Offer.

Open enrollment has just begun, but with more than 20,000 pages of new regulations, you need to prepare for the sweeping changes ahead that will affect you, your family, your business.

Please order today and we’ll ship the book right away!

Thank you,


Well, if Donald Trump thinks that everyone must read this book, then I guess that every American ought to rush out and purchase it, never mind read it

Because if anyone has demonstrated an objective stance toward this President, it is Donald Trump. And who cares more about the financial health of average Americans than the guy whose catchphrase is “You’re fired!”

But I am wondering if at least some Americans might not be better served if they went first to the Federal website providing information on the Affordable Care Act——if only because that information is legally binding, not to mention FREE!

The second item is from the Daily Kos, a progressive website and blog:


TUE OCT 01, 2013 AT 12:22 PM PDT
OBAMACARE DAY ONE: My Hideous Experience

By Eclectablog

So, I got an email from my employer this morning. They went through what I’m assuming is the normal process of having the Department of Labor analyze the health insurance plan they offer to us, their employees.

The verdict: “affordable.”

I can keep my employer-based insurance. I can keep my doctors. I don’t need to go to to sign up for “government-run health care.”

Absolutely nothing changes for me.

Just. As. Advertised.



It’s now after 3:00 p.m. and I haven’t lost my employer-based health insurance yet.

You know, it’s the waiting that kills you.

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