Dear Editor/ Dear Diary: Sorry, I’m Blogging

Here is the September report from WordPress to its bloggers. I find some of the numbers absolutely astonishing.

After digesting the report, I am all the more appreciative of all of you who have been reading my posts. Since so many people are blogging, it’s very encouraging to know that there are still so many who are interested in reading.


In September, you created 1,369,067 new blogs, for an average of 45,636 blogs a day. Thursday, September 12, was the most popular day to start a new blog.

You wrote 35,382,026 posts, which racked up a lot of pageviews: 4,107,970,566.

559,032 of these posts were posted by e-mail, while 220 were posted by voice.

You subscribed to 2,711,195 blogs, left 61,210,995 comments on each other’s blogs, and liked 7,448,923 posts.

You’re mobile and touch device users.

1,392,428,652 pages on were viewed on a mobile device.

Of those pages, 299,822,183 were viewed on an iPhone; 207,818,451 were viewed on an iPad; and 4,206,986 were viewed on a BlackBerry 10.

You published many posts on current events and topics that matter to you.

Our community is made up of people from all over the world, passionate about many different things.

In September:

2,444 posts were about going back to school.

2,990 were about Kenya—and many of these commented on the Nairobi mall shooting.

3,961 were tagged with feminism, while 1,021 were tagged with twerking.

51,316 were about food.

61,747 were about travel.

75,297 were about love.

76,389 were about music.

1,089 posts were about the pope, while 18,304 were about religion.

1,726 were about atheism.

20,121 were about baseball.

38,309 were about football.

3,231 were about CrossFit.

Finally, 18,919 were about fitness, while 50,988 were tagged with health.


I’m not a math whiz, but I don’t think the numbers on those popular topics add up to a million posts out of the reported total of 35,382,026 posts.

It makes one wonder what the topics of the other 34 million-plus posts were–and I can’t help but wonder how many were about higher education.

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