Support the Student Borrowers’ Bill of Rights

We at have just launched a new petition on  It’s in support of Rep. Frederica Wilson’s (D-FL) new bill, H.R. 3892 – The Student Borrowers’ Bill of Rights.

Sign the petition here:

The bill seeks to:

1) Restore bankruptcy protections to ALL student loans, both Federal and Private;

2) Restore the statute of limitations on the collections of student loan debt;

3) Prohibit automatic wage garnishment, attachment of Social Security Benefits or Tax Returns for defaulted borrowers;

4) Prohibit the suspension of professional licenses for defaulted borrowers;

5) Allow partial forgiveness of student loans after FIVE years of public service;

6) Treat loan forgiveness under any repayment plan as non-taxable income; and

7) Allow people to use educational savings accounts to pay down student loan debt.

These are much-needed reforms that we and others have been fighting for for years.  Please sign the petition and share it far and wide!

Let’s make some noise!


Rob, Natalia, Kyle, Aaron, and The Team

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