It’s All Too Easy to Keep Blaming the Professors

Houston’s KHOU reports that at Lonestar College students enrolled in an introduction to chemistry section were taught instead an advanced chemistry course.

Apparently the mix-up was not discovered until almost the end of the semester, at which point almost every student in the course had a failing grade. The news report featured an student who had maintained an A average until she enrolled in this course. She observed that no matter how hard she studied for this course, she could not seem to score above a 40 on the exams.

After finally realizing that she had been teaching the wrong course for essentially the entire semester, the instructor applied a significant curve to the students’ grades. For instance, the student with an A average who could not manage an exam score above a 40 received a B as her final grade for the course.

I am assuming that all of the students who received final grades of C or above have now successfully met the prerequisite for the course that they have just completed and will now be able to re-take.



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