Follow-up to Hank Reichman’s Post on the Report “The One Percent at State U”

At least for the moment, this one report did more than anything previously to change the conversation on increased college costs from faculty salaries and productivity to bloated executive salaries and to some extent administrative bloat. Unfortunately, the earlier report from the Young Invincibles on the steep declines in state support did not receive the same level of attention.


Here’s a link to the original report from the Institute for Policy Studies and ancillary materials available on their site:


Erwin, Andrew, and Marjorie Wood. “The 1% at State U.” Institute for Policy Studies 21 May 2014:

There is a link to a downloadable pdf of a “Numbers Guide” just below the link to the infographic of “key findings.”



Here are links to some of the broader press coverage of this report:

Brantley, Max. “Study: Students Sacrifice to Pay Top University Executive Salaries.” Arkansas Times 19 May 2014:

Callahan, David. “What’s the Differende between Universities and Corporations? It’s Getting Harder to Say.” Demos 20 May 2014:

Hauk, Alexis. “Salaries of Public University Presidents Rocket Despite Spiraling Student Debt.” TIME 19 May 2014:

Jacobs, Peter. “Student Debt Is Worst at Public Universities with Highly Paid Presidents.” Business Insider 19 May 2014:

Kagel, Jenna. “There’s an Infuriating Trend Happening at Colleges across America.” PolicyMic 20 May 2014:

Kingkade, Tyler. “Making Public College Presidents Millionaires Correlates With Increased Student Debt, Study Finds.” Huffington Post 19 May 2014:

Lewin, Tamar. “Student Debt Grows Faster at Universities With Highest-Paid Leaders, Study Finds.” New York Times 18 May 2014:

Lewis, Renee. “Study: Student Debt Worst at Universities with Highest-Paid Presidents.” Al Jazeera 19 May 2014:

Luzer, Daniel. “So What Are Universities Spending All of This Money On?” Washington Monthly 21 May 2014:

McDonald, Michael. “Nine Public University Presidents Made More than $1 Million.” Bloomberg 19 May 2014:

Nolan, Hamilton. “The Richer College Presidents Are, the Poorer Teachers and Students Are.” Gawker  19 May 2014:

O’Neil, Luke. “Higher Student-Loan Burden, Lower-Wage Faculty at Schools with Highest-Paid Execs.” Mediaite 19 May 2014:

Picchi, Aimee. “Why Students Should Be Wary of College Leaders’ High Pay.” CBS Moneywatch 19 May 2014:

Romero, Gloria. “University Executive Pay Requires Scrutiny.” Orange County Register 23 May 2014:

Rugh, Peter. “Dear Class of 2014: You’re Fucked.” VICE 19 May 2014:

Weiner, Jon. “What Makes Ohio State the Most Unequal Public University in America?” The Nation 19 May 2014:

Wittner, Lawrence A. “University Presidents Are Laughing All the Way to the Bank While the People Who Work for Them Are on Food Stamps.” Talking Union 29 May 2014:

Zapata, Natasha Hakimi. “Study: Highest-Paid University Presidents Benefit from Soaring Student Debt and Low-Wage Adjuncts.” TruthDig 20 May 2014:

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