More on the situation at Northern New Mexico.

A few hours ago, Aaron posted a story about the situation at Northern New Mexico College.  I’m told that this is a blog written by Northern New Mexico faculty.  Here are some low-lights:

1.  “In the last 60 days, Northern New Mexico College has removed or lost over 25% of its full-time faculty. In addition, 4 program directors, 3 adjunct faculty, 2 full-time providers at our licensed Child Development Center, and a critical Nursing administrator have been removed or have resigned.”

2.  “Northern’s dismal graduation rate of 15% (even lower for Hispanic students at this “Hispanic Serving Institution” at 12%) is quite likely due to the decision to deprioritize instruction.In addition, the paltry 3% dedicated to Academic Support demonstrates this Administration’s commitment to student success. President Barceló’s Administration spent fully 18 times more on themselves than on Academic Support for students.”

3.  “When considering the value of education for our children, families, community members, we must consider both the dollar amount as well as the programs and services offered. As a “value,” NNMC has raised tuition from $41 per credit hour just three years ago to $169 per credit hour when factoring in additional fees assessed.”

4.  “At the end of this semester, the following faculty and staff were removed by NNMC Administration: tenured Professor David Dillon (Director of Construction Trades), tenured Professor Mike Frain (Radiography), tenured Professor Dean Moya (Auto Tech), tenured Professor Gil Sena (Auto Tech), tenure-track Assistant Professor Dr. James Biggs (Environmental Science), tenure-track Assistant Professor Donal Kinney (Business), tenure-track Assistant Professor Dr. Patricia Perea (Humanities), Director of Dual Credit Crestina Quintana, Director of the El Rito Campus Melissa Velasquez, full-time Instructor Cheryl Peachey (Radiography), part-time Instructor Annette Rodriguez (Languages and Letters), and Administrative Assistant Tina Garcia (Nursing).”

Those are excerpts from just the four most recent posts.  There is much more the further one reads back in the archives.  This blog, by the way, is only about a month old.

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