Thanks to Diane Ravitch, I read Glen Ford’s July post today, “How to Pay for a Free, Non-Racist Higher Education.” It is certainly worth the look.

It starts:

Corinthian Colleges is going out of business, and other for-profit rip-offs will follow. However, “The very existence of Corinthian, Phoenix, Ashford and the other gangster institutions proves beyond doubt that the vast bulk of the existing U.S. educational establishment is not serving” Black and poor people. Yes, America needs free higher education, but the excluded classes also need a new system that is not hostile to their very presence.

He’s right… and provocative:

If Corinthian and its ilk are to be denounced and indicted – as they should be – then so should the vast bulk of the U.S. educational establishment, which through malignant neglect and outright hostility set Black people up for cruel exploitation by for-profit criminals.

Take a look!

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