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Why Monica (Crowley) Matters

BY AARON BARLOW Questions of ‘intellectual property’—oh, how I hate that term—continue to plague us in this new digital age, and in ways never contemplated when patents and copyrights and trademarks and more were first protected by law in the English/American tradition three- and four-hundred years ago. We have built up assumptions of ‘ownership’ without…

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Law or Freedom? Wisconsin Tries to Strike Again

BY AARON BARLOW According to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Republican state legislators in Wisconsin “are threatening to pull any hope of more state funding unless a new course at UW-Madison called ‘The Problem of Whiteness’ is canceled.” This, from a movement that claims to want more freedom and less law. One legislator wants to go a step further, scouring “other…

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“The Art of the Slur,” Revisited

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Sophia McClennen, writing for Salon, maps the amateurishness and ignorant Professor Watchlist that appeared recently. She also references a Jorge Tiede post on the Academe Blog,  “The ‘Professor Watchlist’ of the 1930s,” providing what should be the obvious history of such scaremongering. The top photos with her article appropriately juxtapose Senator Joe McCarthy…