Reichman in the CUNY PSC "Clarion"

A version of Hank Reichman’s August post “Usual Suspects Saying the Usual Things: Critiquing the Schmidt Report” has appeared in the December, 2014 issue of the Clarion, the monthly newspaper of the Professional Staff Congress, the faculty union at the City University of New York. Titled “Schmidt: reduce faculty authority” in the print version and “Benno Schmidt Backs Report Calling on Trustees To Reduce Faculty Authority” online, Reichman points out

the single most remarkable feature of this report: its curious silence about what is perhaps the most troubling development in higher education and arguably the gravest threat to academic freedom today: the increasing reliance on temporary and part-time instructors.

Read Reichman’s article, either here or in the Clarion, and share it.  When faculty lose authority, education is diminished (which is one of the reasons boards of trustees love adjuncts–the board members care more about their own power than about education). Too few people, today, understand this.

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