Resolution on Non-Tenure Track Faculty and Shared Governance

This is a guest post from Karen Davis, a lecturer in cinematic arts at California State University, Monterey Bay, and a statewide academic senator.

On January 23, the Academic Senate of the California State University unanimously passed AS-3199/FA: Non Tenure Track Faculty and Shared Governance in the California State University: A Call to Campus Senates.

This historic resolution urges all twenty-three campuses in the CSU system to review their constitutions and campus policies and revise them with a view toward the inclusion of lecturers, non-tenure track librarians, coaches and counselors in shared governance at all levels, wherever appropriate. It further affirms that campus and statewide senate representation, and inclusion at college and departmental meetings, are essential elements of shared governance, and should be fairly compensated.

AS-3199/FA was preceded by AS-3157-13/FA, which supports the inclusion of non-tenure track faculty in policies concerning campus eligibility for emeritus status; AS-3173-14/FA, which supports the eligibility of lecturers for the receipt of Research, Scholarship and Creative Activity funding, and AS-2931-09/FA, which urges campuses to ensure protections against any deleterious impacts upon non-tenure track faculty related to their participation in shared governance activities.

The full text of AS-3199/FA is available on the website of the California AAUP conference A PDF link to AS-3199 and other resolutions acted on by the Academic Senate may be found at

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