2014 Report of the Ohio Student Association

In an earlier post this week, I provided the legislative testimony that was presented by Gavin DeVore Leonard, the Director of One Ohio Now, on the proposed biennial budget for Ohio. One Ohio Now is just one of the groups with which the Ohio Conference of AAUP has become allied.

Another is the Ohio Student Association (OSA), with which we have collaborated, in particular, on voter registration drives and get-out-the-vote efforts. To give you an idea of the variety of issues on which this organization has become actively engaged, here is the 2014 report that it has recently distributed to allied groups and media outlets. In several major instances, the OSA has not just taken very public positions on divisive issues, but it has played a major role in changing public opinion and legislative responses to those issues.


OSA 2014 Report 1

OSA 2014 Report 2

OSA 2014 Report 3

OSA 2014 Report 4


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