Follow the Money–Literally

Consider what has occurred during an extended period of unprecedented growth in administrative positions and administrative staffing.

Our administrations have employed consultants, usually at exorbitant cost, to provide professional guidance on almost every sort of initiative imaginable. Although no one can be have expertise in everything, it seems peculiar, at best, that any major initiative should require that such consultants be employed. It suggests that there is almost never anyone with the relevant expertise in-house.

Moreover, our administrations have outsourced many of the basic services on our campuses—maintenance, dining hall and bookstore operations, and even marketing and recruitment, program development, and technology support. In effect, our administrations have decided that they do not wish to supervise the broad spectrum of the employees that our institutions have long employed.

Nonetheless, despite unprecedented reliance on consultants and unprecedented outsourcing of staff functions, there is somehow a need for an ever broader array of administrators, who then require more administrative support staff.

Well, apparently, even managing the finances of our institutions has become an administrative function best outsourced, whether in part or in its entirety, and a major corporate enterprise. The following list is from Business Insider and includes the major companies now offering financial services to universities:

Higher Ed Financial Services 1

Higher Ed Financial Services 2



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