Wordplay II

It has been a while since I made the initial post in what I intended to become a series.

These are not headlines from The Onion or another satiric site. They are, instead, simply very clever, unusual, or sometimes tortured headlines from actual news stories:


Back, with New Wrinkles [Title of an article on the Rolling Stones]

Ballplayers from Cuba Are Now Flee Agents

Battle Brews over Beijing Starbucks

Bean and Gone [Title of an article on coffee]

BlackBerry Outage Leaves Users Thumb-Founded

Botox Maker’s Latest Wrinkle

Can the Plastic Surgeons of Reality TV Really Cut It

Chinese Focus on Navy Leaves Big Political Wake

Couture Clash

A Drug for Pooches Dragging Paunches

Eggheads: How Bird Brains Are Shaking Up Science

Facing the Future [Title of an article on innovations in cosmetic surgery]

The Feeding Tube: Watching What We Eat on TV

Fireworks Firms Aim for Boom in Business

Firm Rockets into Space Tourism

Gloom with a View [Review of the novel House of Sand and Fog]

Grape Expectations

The Great Firewall of China

Harlequin Positioned To Satisfy Women Online

Junk Food for the Soul

Local Skiing in Need of a Lift

Pig Farmer Said Charges ‘Hogwash’

Rigid Scholarship on Male Sexuality

Vatican Review Puts Limbo in Limbo

A Voice Gritty Enough to Exfoliate an Iguana [Review of an audiobook of a crime novel]


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