Two Video Links That Might Be of Interest

Robert Reich’s website includes a series of short videos explaining Ten Ideas to Save the Economy. The videos are available at:

The first seven of Reich’s ten ideas to make the economy work for the many and not the few include:

1. Increasing the minimum wage nationally.

2. Making work family-friendly.

3. Expanding Social Security.

4. Busting up Wall Street.

5. Reinventing education.

6. Ending corporate welfare now.

7. Strengthening labor unions.

As far as I can tell, the last three of the ten ideas have not been posted yet.


Another item of interest is this GIF created for the chapter at Eastern Michigan University to engage its members more fully in their upcoming contract campaign:

It is a clever use of a digital technology that has certainly been available for some time, but I suspect that very few of our chapters have taken advantage of it or any number of other digital options available to us that might enhance our efforts on all sorts of fronts.


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