Media Coverage of the Ongoing Investigation at Wright State University

Yesterday, I made an initial post on these issues and included the university president’s statement on them to the university community. This is a follow-up post that provides an list of the media coverage of the investigation.

Since Joerg Tiede asked about an ambiguous element of the situation in response to yesterday’s post, I will try to address it here. Some of the media have been reporting that the university is now actively pursuing removal of the provost’s tenure as a faculty member. As president of our CB chapter, I would be aware of any formal proceedings of that sort. The investigation that has led to the removal of the provost and others from their administrative positions is ongoing. The letters to those individuals address the possibility that the university may pursue discipline or even dismissal if the results of the investigation should ultimately warrant it. But our contracts for our tenure-eligible and non-tenure-eligible CB units include very defined due process for individuals facing discipline or dismissal, and, at least to date, such due process has not been initiated for any affected CB member by the university administration.

The most extensive coverage of the investigation has been provided by the Dayton Daily News, which has devoted a section of its website to its coverage. In addition to pdf’s of a fairly large number of university documents related to the investigation and obtained through FOIA requests, the website includes the following links to articles:

Three Demoted or Fired; Federal Probe Ongoing” [Aug. 17, 2015]

Wright State Beefs Up Compliance Efforts” [Aug. 7, 2015]

Wright State Investigation Costs Rise” [July 24, 2015]

WSU President, Board Chair Respond to Controversy” [July 21, 2015]

WSU Attorney Placed on Leave Critical of Attorney General’s Office” [June 24, 2015]

Wright State Execs Get Big Money While on Leave” [June 21, 2015]

Suspended Provost Oversaw Research Growth” [June 20, 2015]

Two More WSU Administrators Placed on Leave” [June 12, 2015]

WSU Provost on Paid Leave Pending Investigation” [June 8, 2015]

WSU ‘Best Practices’ under Investigation” [June 4, 2015]

Wright State Won’t Discuss Provost’s Leave” [June 2, 2015]


From the Dayton Business Journal:

Wright State Fires Provost and Two Others, Reveals Details of Criminal Probe” [Aug. 17, 2015]


From WDTN News:

WSU Removes Three during Visa Program Investigation” [Aug. 17, 2015]


From WKTF News:

Wright State Fires Three amid Provost Investigation” [Aug. 17, 2015]


From WHIO News [Untitled Video Link]:


From the Chronicle of Higher Education:

Wright State Leaders Speak Out on Secret Investigation of Administrators” [July 22, 2015]

Wright State U. Seeks to Fire Provost and Two Others Amid Visa Investigation” [Aug. 18, 2015]


From Inside Higher Ed:

Wright State Faces Probe on Work Visas” [Aug. 18, 2015]


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