6 thoughts on “The Myth of "The Myth of the 76% Adjunct Majority"

  1. Glad to know that you buy into deranged conspiracy theories, Aaron. It doesn’t speak well for your credibility, but it does signal that you are probably not worth the time of further engagement.

    In the meantime, anyone who is actually interested in the reasons behind the adjunct phenomenon may find the following statistical trends interesting. Just as I’ve said all along, For-Profit higher ed is at the root of it all. The single biggest factor in adjunct growth since 1990 has been the rapid expansion of the for profits.


    • From the post: “The bottom line is that, no matter what you call us, the numbers still leave tenured and tenure-track faculty with a remaining minority of around 25%, which is a complete reversal of the proportion from the 1970s.”

  2. I watched Nova tonight on PBS. It wasn’t too bad. Actually it was pretty good and it was paid for by the Koch Bros. Guilt by association, a despicable tactic, and used too frequently by people such as this author.

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