Last year, Michigan State University hosted a conference on “Neoliberalism in Public Higher Education.” I was supposed to present a paper at the conference, but because I became ill will some sort of virus, John McNay was kind enough to present the paper for me.

The conference has created a sense of shared purpose among those involved, and the most tangible manifestation of that commitment is a new website called FutureU that is worth following [http://futureu.education/].

What follows is a list of posts listed on the first page of the blog that is the centerpiece of the site:

FutureU 01

Neoliberalism comes to higher education

by Frank Fear Professor Emeritus, Michigan State University Dearest Dorothy, Who Would Have Ever Thought?!* (*From Charlene Baumbich’s book of …

by msuspartan/ September 6, 2015/ ArticlesPublic Higher Ed

FutureU 02

Neoliberalism & public higher education

By Rubén Martinez, Janice Beecher & Stephen Gasteyer At least since the 1980s, as with other social institutions, public higher …

by msuspartan/ August 11, 2015/ ArticlesPublic Higher Ed

Weatherford Hall at Oregon State University

Weatherford Hall at Oregon State University

NEWS BRIEF: All is not well in Oregon’s brandyland

Jack Stripling recently wrote an article for The Chronicle of Higher Education called “An Academic Reputation at Risk: The U. …

by msuspartan/ September 24, 2015/ Public Higher Ed

FutureU 04

NEWS BRIEFS: Japan moves to stop universities from teaching social science and humanities

The British publication Times Higher Education reports that Education Minister Hakuban Shimomura recently sent a letter to all 86 of …

by msuspartan/ September 16, 2015/ News Briefs

FutureU 05

NEWS BRIEF: WashPo follows the money in college football

Do universities have football teams or do football teams have unversities? Washington Post reviewer Carlos Lozada argues that even diehard …

by msuspartan/ August 22, 2015/ News Briefs

FutureU 06

News Brief: NYT op-ed says “Stop Universities from Hoarding Cash”

Victor Fleischer, a professor of law at the University of San Diego, questions why universities do not use the proceeds …

by msuspartan/ August 20, 2015/ News Briefs

FutureU 07

News Brief: Student debt on The Diane Rehm Show

On her show on National Public Radio, Diane Rehm tackled the issue of college debt and what the presidential candidates …

by msuspartan/ August 17, 2015/ News Briefs

FutureU 08

NEWS BRIEF: Deresiewicz in Harper’s on The Neoliberal Arts

The subtitle to William Deresiewicz’ August cover story is “how college sold its soul to the market.” (Click here to …

by msuspartan/ August 17, 2015/ News Briefs

FutureU 09

NEWS BRIEF: Gill’s “hidden injuries of neoliberal academia”

Professor Rosalind Gill of Kings College London explores how the pressures of the neoliberal university often leave faculty dealing with …

by msuspartan/ August 10, 2015/ News Briefs

FutureU 10

NEWS BRIEF: Delbanco’s “outrageous reality”

In the New York Review of Books, Andrew Delbanco argues that the historical story of expanding opportunities through higher education …



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  1. The comments following the Deresiewicz’ piece are worth reading – especially given Professor Kich’s excited, ” we’re-feeling-a-shared-purpose” paean to the FutureU blog.

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