The Rather Innocuous Introduction of a Bad Bill

Here is the “right to work” legislation introduced in the Ohio House this morning:

HB 377 UNION DUES (Brinkman, T.) To prohibit any requirement that employees of private employers join or pay dues to any employee organization and to establish civil and criminal penalties against employers who violate that prohibition. En. 4119.01, 4119.02, 4119.04, 4119.05, 4119.06, 4119.07, 4119.08, and 4119.99.

Introduced in House (10/22/2015)

In an earlier post, I reported on Brinkman’s announcement that he intended to introduce this bill, which would affect private-sector, and not public-sector, unions in Ohio: see: I noted in that post that either Brinkman’s bill is an effort to test again whether union solidarity can be undermined or it is underlain by the assumption that the Supreme Court will eliminate “fair share” for public-sector unions in its ruling on the Friedrichs case.

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