The Corporatization of Higher Education: Crib Notes

Writing for Nation of Change, Paul Buchheit has provided a very succinct but comprehensive overview of how corporatization has had a very damaging impact on higher education.

In his article “Higher Education: Capitalism at Its Most Despicable,” Buchheit focuses on five inter-linked phenomena that are undermining the value of higher education because they undermine the core principles to which American higher education has long adhered:

1. The Rise of the All-Administrative University

2. The Coming of the “All-Adjunct” University

3. Tuition Shock: 12 Times More than What Your Parents Paid

4. Today’s Jobs: Food Stamps on the Side

5. College Sports as Modern Minstrel Shows

Again, the article is as substantive as it is succinct and well worth reading.

The full text is available at:

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