In the Context of This Presidential Primary Cycle, Just How Weird Is This?

This item, written by Lucy Sweeney, is from ABC News in Australia (no connection to the ABC television network in the U.S.):

“Vermin Supreme filed his paperwork for the New Hampshire presidential primary ballot on the last day before applications closed. . . .

“The bearded eccentric, who regularly sports a boot on his head, has been running for public office since 1987.

“His platform includes a promise of a free pony for every American citizen and a plan for the ‘inevitable zombie invasion.’

“’The pony-based economy is truly the most important issue in America today. Fossil fuels are literally killing the planet, and today, we stop that,’ he told the crowd gathered for his filing.

“’We don’t need no more cars, we have ponies.’

“’And when we have ponies, my friends, we are going to have a beautiful time.’ . . .

“Dragging a bag full of plush ponies through the New Hampshire state house, Mr. Supreme was asked by reporters how he would defeat the Islamic State militant group.
‘Lots of ponies—pony bombs, pony drones, pony tanks, pony troops, hoofs on the ground, boots on the head,’ he said.

“Before he could re-enter the building to officially file his paperwork, he was stopped by security and asked to remove a number of weapons—including a gun under his gumboot and a giant toothbrush he carries to promote mandatory dental hygiene.

“’Here in New Hampshire open-carry [of weapons] is the law . . . but secret service made me take my guns off, sorry about that,’ he told reporters.

“This year Mr Supreme is running for the Democrats, but in the past he has campaigned for the Republican party, noting he ‘leaned towards anarchism. . . .’”

To me, the weirdest detail in this profile may be that he has “leaned toward anarchism,” and yet, this time around, he has chosen to run as a Democrat.

Vermin Supreme 1

Vermin Supreme 2

Vermin Supreme 3

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