Follow-Up on EAA Protests at Eastern Michigan University

This past week, there was a protest at Eastern Michigan University against the continuation of the Education Achievement Authority (EAA) that Governor Snyder’s administration created ostensibly to “save” Detroit’s “failing” public school system. The EAA has promoted charter schools at the expense of the already under-funded public schools, while producing no improvement in the educations being provided to Detroit’s children and while creating all sorts of opportunities for corruption, graft, and corporate profiteering.

My initial post on the protests is available at:

Here is a video of the protest:

Here is a photo:

Rudy at EAA Protests

Who is this guy who seems always to be in the middle of these sorts of protests?


And here is a sampling of the media coverage of the protest:


Note: in the one news report, Howard Bunsis is identified incorrectly as “Edward.”


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