The 25 Most Read Posts to the Academe Blog in 2015

  1. Faculty Statement on Narendra Modi Visit to Silicon Valley, Multiple Authors
  2. Culling the Iowa Faculty, Aaron Barlow
  3. Alice Dreger’s Letter of Resignation at Northwestern, Alice Dreger
  4. The Revelations in Phyllis Wise’s Emails, John K. Wilson
  5. Marquette to Fire John McAdams for His Blog, John K. Wilson
  6. The Troubling Case of Professor Stephen Cohen and the American Association for Slavic, East European, and Eurasian Studies, Hank Reichman
  7. In Defense of Sara Goldrick-Rab, John K. Wilson
  8. Epistemic Injustice in the Academy: An Analysis of the Saida Grundy Witch-Hunt, Arianne Shahvisi
  9. The 2015 Official UW-System Faculty Exodus Update Part 3: The “Why Everyone’s Leaving” Edition, Kelly Wilz
  10. AAUP Censures the University of Illinois and Three Other Institutions, John K. Wilson
  11. 41 Executive Officers at UIUC Call for the Reinstatement of Steven Salaita, Multiple Authors
  12. Phyllis Wise Used Personal Email Account to Conceal Salaita Discussions, John K. Wilson
  13. Women Don’t Do This: Why Blaming Mental Illness, Violent Video Games, and Gun Laws Won’t Stop Another Mass Shooting, Kelly Wilz
  14. The GOP National Leadership, Donald Trump, and the Fallacy of Argument by Analogy, Martin Kich
  15. Another Lesson from Illinois: Beware Tenured Radicals, Robert Warrior
  16. So You Want to Be a Tenured Ally, Anna Peak
  17. Why Salaita Was “Un-Hired”: The Missing Facts in the AAUP and CAFT Reports, Andrew Scheinman
  18. Saida Grundy’s Tweets: The Outrage, Martin Kich
  19. Oppose Prejudice and Fear-Mongering in the ‘Faculty Statement on Narendra Modi’s Visit’, Aaron Barlow
  20. Beware of the Pedagogy Police: Cheryl Abbate v. John McAdams at Marquette: Graphic E-mail in Appendix, Peter N. Kirstein
  21. University of Illinois Trustees Reject $400,000 Payout for Wise, John K. Wilson
  22. Culling the Faculty . . . Part II, Aaron Barlow
  23. University of Illinois Pays $875,000 to Settle Salaita Case, John K. Wilson
  24. The End of Tenure in Wisconsin?, Hank Reichman
  25. Now That We Have Transformed Our Institutions to Compete with the University of Phoenix, It’s on Life Support, Martin Kich



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