Even Trump’s Glib Jokes Depend on “Hate” and Appeals to Violent Impulses

CNN has reported the following comments made by Donald Trump about the journalists who have been covering his campaign:

“Even Donald Trump has limits.

“The Republican front-runner–who frequently lambasts the media as ‘scum’ or ‘horrible’–reassured reporters at rally in Grand Rapids, Michigan on Monday that he had no desire to execute the press who cover him.

“’I hate some of these people, I hate ’em,’ Trump told the crowd. ‘I would never kill them. I would never do that.’

Then he decided to reconsider.

“’Uh, let’s see, uh?’ he said aloud, his voice rising. ‘No, I would never do that.’

“Trump’s comments on journalists came after he spoke about Russian President Vladimir Putin, who lavished Trump with praise last week.

“Claims that Putin ordered the killings of Russian journalists are well-documented, but Trump has argued that those deaths are disputed and without evidence.

“Trump did charge once again that some of the reporters in the back of the room are ‘such lying disgusting people,’ but as the crowd turned to angrily face those reporters, Trump pulled them back.

“’But no, I would never kill them,’ he said. ‘I think that would be despicable.’”


All of this might be mildly amusing, rather than despicable, self-serving demagoguery, except for the fact that reporting fairly and accurately on politics is, internationally, a very dangerous occupation. The Committee to Protect Journalists [https://www.cpj.org/] exists precisely because such reporting has been so widely under attack literally as well as figuratively. CPJ publishes an annual list of journalists killed for simply attempting to do their jobs. The list does not include journalists subjected to non-fatal physical attacks or other types of intimidation.


69 Journalists Killed in 2015/Motive Confirmed

Terminology explained
Zakaria Ibrahim, Al-Jazeera

December 7, 2015, in Taldou, Homs province, Syria

Hindia Haji Mohamed, Radio Mogadishu, Somali National TV

December 3, 2015, in Mogadishu, Somalia

Guillaume Barreau-Decherf, Freelance

November 13, 2015, in Paris, France

Ítalo Eduardo Diniz Barros, Blog Ítalo Diniz

November 13, 2015, in Governador Nunes Freire, Brazil

Israel Gonçalves Silva, Rádio Itaenga FM

November 10, 2015, in Lagoa de Itaenga, Brazil

Ahmed Abu al-Hamza, SMART News Agency, Hama Media Center

November 6, 2015, in Sukayk, Hama province, Syria

Batoul Mokhles al-Warrar, Noor al-Sham; Radio Damascus

November 3, 2015, in Damascus, Syria

Zaman Mehsud, Daily Ummat, Daily Nai Baat

November 3, 2015, in Tank, Pakistan

Mustaf Abdi Noor , Freelance

November 1, 2015, in Mogadishu, Somalia

Faisal Arefin Dipan, Jagriti Prokashoni

October 31, 2015, in Dhaka , Bangladesh

Fares Hamadi, Eye on the Homeland

October 30, 2015, in Urfa, Turkey

Ibrahim Abd al-Qader, Eye on the Homeland, Raqqa is Being Slaughtered Silently

October 30, 2015, in Urfa, Turkey

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October 27, 2015, in Aleppo, Syria

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August 26, 2015, in Smith Mountain Lake, Virginia, USA

Alison Parker, WDBJ7

August 26, 2015, in Smith Mountain Lake, Virginia, USA

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August 7, 2015, in Dhaka, Bangladesh

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July 2, 2015, in Miahuatlán de Porfirio Díaz, Mexico

Mohammed al-Asfar, Al-Jazeera

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Łukasz Masiak, Nasza Mława, Nasza Mława

June 14, 2015, in Mława, Poland

Jagendra Singh, Freelance

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May 12, 2015, in Sylhet, Bangladesh

Armando Saldaña Morales, La Ke Buena 100.9 FM

May 2,3 or 4, 2015, in Oaxaca, Mexico

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May 1, 2015, in Mosul, Iraq

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April 30, 2015, in Eldoret, Kenya

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April 29, 2015, in Baidoa, Somalia

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April 16, 2015, in Aleppo, Syria

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April 16, 2015, in Monkoto, Equateur Province, Democratic Republic of the Congo

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Unknown, in Mosul, Iraq

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January 7, 2015, in Paris, France

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January 7, 2015, in Paris, France

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January 7, 2015, in Paris, France

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January 7, 2015, in Paris, France

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January 7, 2015, in Paris, France

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January 7, 2015, in Paris, France

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January 7, 2015, in Paris, France

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January 4, 2015, in Dhamar, Yemen

José Moisés Sánchez Cerezo , La Unión

January 2, 2015, in Medellín de Bravo, Mexico


3 Media Workers Killed in 2015

Terminology explained
Arshad Ali Jafri, Geo TV

September 8, 2015, in Karachi, AsiaPakistan

Monir Aklan, Yemen Today

April 20, 2015, in Sana’a, Yemen

Hazzam Mohamed Zeid, Yemen Today

April 20, 2015, in Sana’a, Yemen


25 Journalists Killed in 2015/Motive Unconfirmed

Terminology explained
Ahmed Mohamed al-Mousa, Raqqa is Being Slaughtered Silently

December 16, 2015, in Idlib,

Orislândio Timóteo Araujo, Blog do Roberto Lano

November 21, 2015, in Buriticupu, Brazil

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October 31, 2015, Philippines

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October 3, 2015, in Dheena, India

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August 28, 2015, in Maputo, Mozambique

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August 27, 2015, in Ozamiz City, Philippines

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August 19, 2015, in Barcelona, Philippines

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August 19, 2015, in Tagum City, Philippines

Peter Julius Moi, Freelance

August 19, 2015, in Juba, South Sudan

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August 9, 2015, in Baku, Azerbaijan

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July 4, 2015, in Meghnagar, Madhya Pradesh, India

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January 2, 2015, in Abtaa, Daraa province, Syria

Dirar al-Jahad, Local Coordination Committees, Abtaa Media Office

January 2, 2015, in Abtaa, Syria



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