Most Read New Yorker Blog Posts of 2015


“The Blame for the Charlie Hebdo Murders,” by George Packer (January 7th)

“Unmournable Bodies,” by Teju Cole (January 9th)

“I Switched to a Standing Desk, So Now You Should, Too,” by Tom O’Donnell (February 25th)

“Did John Roberts Tip His Hand?” by Jeffrey Toobin (March 4th)

“Scientists: Earth Endangered by New Strain of Fact-Resistant Humans,” by Andy Borowitz (May 12th)

“Kalief Browder, 1993–2015,” by Jennifer Gonnerman (June 7th)

“Can Reading Make You Happier?” by Ceridwen Dovey (June 9th)

“Black Like Her,” by Jelani Cobb (June 15th)

“Everything I Am Afraid Might Happen If I Ask New Acquaintances to Get Coffee,” by Hallie Cantor (July 21st)

“How to Stay Safe When the Big One Comes,” by Kathryn Schulz (July 28th)

“Why You Hate Google’s New Logo,” by Sarah Larson (September 3rd)

“All Scientists Should Be Militant Atheists,” by Lawrence M. Krauss (September 8th)

“Getting Jazz Right in the Movies,” by Richard Brody (October 13th)

“The Two Asian Americas,” by Karan Mahajan (October 21st)

“Telling the Truth About ISIS and Raqqa,” by David Remnick (November 22nd)


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