Trump Tacitly Agrees on Need for New Warren Commission

This from a CNN article by Gregory Krieg:

“Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump on Monday referenced a report from the scene about Scalia’s body when asked on a radio show to comment on the possibility that Scalia may have been murdered and whether there should be an independent investigation into this death.

“’They say they found a pillow on his face, which is a pretty unusual place to find a pillow,’ Trump said on conservative radio host Michael Savage’s show The Savage Nation. Savage called for the equivalent of a Warren Commission-style investigation into Scalia’s death.

“I think enough disclosures were made and what I said precisely was accurate. He had a pillow over his head, not over his face as some have been saying,” John Poindexter, owner of the Cibolo Creek Ranch, where Scalia was found, told CNN over the phone.

“The pillow was against the headboard and over his head when he was discovered. He looked like someone who had had a restful night’s sleep. There was no evidence of anything else.”

“A U.S. law-enforcement source told CNN: ‘There was absolutely nothing out of the ordinary in Justice Scalia’s room. There were no signs of foul play.’

“The source added that law-enforcement agents know the difference between someone dying in their sleep and being suffocated to death with a pillow. . . .”

“The conspiracy theories surrounding the death run the gamut. In an ‘emergency transmission’ posted on Facebook, Infowars‘ Alex Jones said, ‘The question is was Anthony (sic) Scalia murdered?’ while the site speculated that ‘the Illuminati’ might have been responsible, calling Leonard Nimoy—who died last year— ‘the wild card in this equation.’ And a number of sites have made reference to a so-called ‘heart attack gun,’ a secret CIA weapon that could, per their claims, have been used to kill Scalia. . . .”


And why would John Poindexter’s account be especially suspicious? This from a Word Net Daily article by Cheryl Chumley:

“A couple of photographs of President Obama shaking hands with a wealthy Democrat Party donor named John Poindexter, who also owns the ranch resort where he found Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia dead, has fueled the whispers that radio host Michael Savage just gave wings to with the blunt broadcast question: ‘Was [he] murdered?’ . . .

“Now the blog DC Whispers has stoked those flames with a post that includes a couple of photographs of Obama and Poindexter, who owns the Cibolo Creek Ranch where Scalia was staying at the time of his death, in a friendly handshake.

“The blog says Poindexter, a Texas millionaire businessman, also received an award from Obama for his Vietnam military service. . . .”


Gregory Krieg’s complete article is available at:

Cheryl Chumley’s complete article is available at:



4 thoughts on “Trump Tacitly Agrees on Need for New Warren Commission

  1. Then let us begin with the 22 minutes of erased Nixon tapes… Who erased them, & what was on them. Why erase just 22 minutes? Well, it obviously had nothing to do with Watergate, as nothing else from hours & hours of tapes were erased. We have the technology to recover what was there, yet the feds refuse to do it.

    So either those minutes were communications with extra-terrestrials, or I think hold the answer concerning JFK.

    Nuts, aren’t I???

  2. Trump’s goal is to dominate every news cycle. Since his “core” (whoever they are) love his over-the-top claims, there’s nothing stopping him from getting crazier and crazier. And each cycle that this happens he pushes his opponents to respond, and when they do he gets to call them liars no matter what they say, no matter how reasonable they (even Cruz!) might manage to be.

    I wonder what’s next. Muslims dancing as the towers burned, Scalita murdered … what about space Aliens and anal probes. Might explain certain aspects of some of the Republican candidates behaviors …

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